Renoise T-Shirts?


Are there any Renoise themed clothing/apparel I may indulge myself with?

And if there isn’t, I will make some.


Wearing my orange Renoise T right now, man… represent!


I have to say that, together with ones, Renoise t-shirts are by far the best quality shirts I ever bought on the Internet: I have bought them years ago and use them as underwear also, and they still look almost shiny new!


Who is in charge of the renoise merc?

I want more renoise merchandise, I’d buy right away…

I need a zip up hoodie, I want a renoise one!


:dribble: Yes, please!!

…or +1 as some people would say.


Oh shit! Another thing I can wish for, hmmm, my birthday isn’t until September. Time to put on my patient-face :rolleyes:




I kind of looked around but I did not find an orange t-shirt :unsure:


That’s probably this one


Y’all need some more colors on the regular tee… slim fit? cmon :P


:ph34r: Awesome


Let me guess: Your Renoise Workstation is drowning in paper bags with a golden “M” on it?! :P


Some of us just don’t like womens tees :P


dang we all want more renoise merc, I’m pretty sure spreadshirt have much more than these to offer, I think it should worth it make more designs… I’m a buyer.

Note: I don’t like prints on the back tho…

I’d like a zip up with a huge R logo with the zip in between…


Can they be bought in america?


There are two spreadshirt shops, one of these is for america.

However we want more products!


woohoo, just got mine (navy blue, front+back logo). nice B)
however, i would really like a more HEXY and retro edition… like a 4-track pattern view of lolcore on the chest?


That 4-track pattern view would indeed make a good T-shirt


Great! Ordering some shirts today tbh. There should be a shirt with the entire renosie tracker covering the entire thing, front and back…


+1 for black zip hoodie! renoise logo in red on the breast pocket and big one on the back would suit me (same as what’s going now basically but red logos on black zip hoodie!) :ph34r: < that is the closest emoticon i could find sorry… if you pull the cords really tight it could look like that