Renoise + Tablet


I am sure that most of us would like to have an opportunity to write music in a trip, and having deal with netbook or notebook is also not always comfotable.that’s why tablet will be very in 2010 a lot of noveltys are expected, in new version I would like to see a bookmark with big keys for 2-3 octavs(with the help of which it could be possible to record music)

thanks for attention in advance

I’d like to see renoise native facial recognition from my netbooks webcam… left eyebrow could affect filter cut-off and right eyebrow could adjust resonance.
Renoise Tutorial videos on youtube would be much more amusing with such features.

omg thats a brilliant idea!
I’ve got a pen tablet laying around, if I could use that as a x-y(-z its pressure sensetive) pad… that would just be incredibly awesome :D

such idea is realised in iphone version for SunVox

Seriously though, Theres a lot of potential for many different pc input devices aside from just the usual midi controllers.
The man machine interface for music is always moving forward and changing music.

On occasion I use BOME’s MIDI Translator, MidiJoy & a $50 Logitech game controller, works a treat with the two analog sticks.

Gyus, what are you speaking about? i want to travel and use only tablet without additional deveices and make music.

Tablet 2 Midi?
though you need to pay 40 euro if you want to store more than 2 controllers. :confused:

Thats pretty cool, not sure if I’ll ever use it or buy a tablet but cool anyway.

I should point out that in windows, if you attach more than one pointing device, they will both map to the mouse cursor… this is controlled at the hardware abstraction layer, and software developers typically don’t have access to this level of hardware control… at least not in windows.

Try googling “multiple mice in windows”, and see what comes up :)

Question is, what is going to happen if you use multiple inputs in Renoise (or any other software for that matter)?…6791_bf218ed6_L

what you thik about this idea?

I like it. :drummer: