Renoise "Tape Lo-Fi" Doofer

Over the holidays, Arturia was giving away a the Tape Mello-Fi plugin. I really enjoy the tonality of the tape sound. Since we have a bevy of wonderful filters, I went ahead and made an approximate recreation of the tone, warble, and wobble portion of this effect. The other parts of the plugin - drive, noise, wear, and mechanics - y’all can make those on your own.

This Doofer will provide an approximation of the “Boards of Canada” type sound. Included modulations are:

  1. Wobble Depth - minor timbral modulation amount
  2. Wobble Speed - the rate of the timbral modulation
  3. Warble Amount - the amount of pitch rise/fall (utilizing a random LFO)
  4. Warble Speed - the rate of the pitch rise/fall
  5. Tone - a modified tone knob, providing a muted or sharper timbral sound
  6. Boost - go from no boost to a distorted tape saturation

Tape Lo-Fi.xrdp (10.9 KB)


Great stuff ! Exacly what I need :slight_smile:

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Now, I’m going to recommend fiddling with the filter settings for some purposes. Since this is an effect to be placed on the master channel, you may want to further adjust the settings to let a bit more of the bandwidth through. As a send-effect, you’ll notice that the vibrato effect actually is a chorus effect, and will have a slight delay in the signal (a few milliseconds). So, it should be a master-channel effect to work properly. If your signal is too muddy, it’ll sound super lo-fi and mushy. That particular filter can be changed on the filter being used for ‘wobble’, and you’ll need to edit the LFO with it as well, to allow for less variation in timbre. I just did it this AM for my master channel, because I want to make sure I’m getting enough higher frequencies through it.

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Nice one! Never thought to use these kinds of settings on a chorus to emulate a pitch shifter. :+1: Thanks for sharing!

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