Renoise Team on MusicRadar Yesterday !

Here is the link

Yes, it was picked up here as well (I’m the one being interviewed):

Disclaimer: I have not touched a single line of Renoise code, even if it might appear as such from the article.
Yes, I maintain some Renoise tools and have provided lots of ideas and input, but my main duties are graphics and web (the upcoming content sharing site, for example).

And since I now live in Berlin, you can catch me in the Renoise HQ twice a week :slight_smile:

Btw. when we are talking about code…
Can i ask what Fabien from TDR did for renoise? I think it can be maximizer (cause it has peak and rms release as a tdr feedback comp) :-)?

Aaah, good to know. Was already wondering when I saw the article in Computer Music the other day as I didn’t know that Scandinavian (?) name :slight_smile:

Sorry man but fuck disclaimers.

If you are on a team, working together, building software, and you aren’t on the same page then you aren’t really on the team but rather are being dicked around by some person who should be working alone instead of wasting everyone else’s time.

Everyone can agree that things can change, people can say things and change their mind, but if you have to eggshell your way around a product you obviously contribute to massively with all your heart, then there is (still?) a problem.

Don’t do the disclaimers. Own it.

All the best.

What I mean is, that this is a step in the right direction. It’s good to prioritize “not doing things.”

(And great article!)

I think you’re being a bit harsh today Conner_Bw. :rolleyes:
Not that i think a disclamer was necessary, not at all, but i understand that danoise doesn’t want to take credit for something he hasn’t done himself and i think i would have felt the same way if i was in the same position. I so recognize the feeling, it’s a typical symptom of a humble artist. ;)
I’m pretty shure you didn’t mean anything to hurt anyones feelings though, rather the opposite only with a little bit “fresh” formulation. Maybe it was just me that got this “akward silence” feeling here? :lol:

Nice interview, let’s hope it gets some people curious about the king of trackers, it deserves that!

Thanks! Funny that I should mention (as one of the first things) that when I really need to get something done, I leave all the MIDI controllers behind. It’s a bit ironic I guess, having worked on making Duplex a great thing for MIDI, but nevertheless it’s the truth - plain and simple.
I regard controllers primarily as something where you enforce restrictions upon yourself (for example, simply by playing your MIDI keys live into the PA) or toy around with to gain inspiration (sequencers and whatnot).

Precisely. Not that the other guys in the office would mind - taktik himself has joked that with the amount of suggestions that I pick up from this forum, he is working for me and not the other way around :lol:/>