Renoise Template For X Station


I recently bought an Novation X station.

Has anyone been able to make a renoise template?

my biggest Q is: can Renoise be started with that nice play button on it?

if by “starting” you mean “start playing”, the answer is “no” for sure: there is no way to hook a MIDI signal to ReNoise’s play button.

btw, how much did you pay for that synth?

i have a novation remote 25 (same as x-station but without the audio interface), and i’ve also wondered about this.

i know popular sequencers like Sonar, Logic, Cubase let you assign the controller’s play button to theirs, but realised this didn’t work with renoise.

is it hard to implement? would be REALLY cool B)

If you make renoise a midi slave and your hardware has a play button (based mmc as mostly the case) it should control renoise.

so Renoise does not respond to the play MMC…to bad.

wel, I just have to make an template with lots of controls and then go berzerk with the midi mapper.

I have given 450 euro for it (someone wanted to get rid of it :o )
new they vary from 650 till 700 euro.

actually it’s a ReMOTE 25 Audio but on the site of novation it can be updated to an X station.

It’s a great thought out thing. and I surely suggest it to anybody.
no cable mess, no musicmakingless vacations anymore!