Renoise Themes


How come there are so many themes that come with Renoise that look like they were designed on a 4-colour CGA display? Strange, unworldy colour combinations assault my visual systems when I browse through the list. Is it perhaps that they’re not showing up correctly on my LCD and would look normal on a CRT? I don’t mean to disparage someone’s hard work, but does the Hello Kitty theme not cause one’s retinas to burn out on other people’s systems? Space Pigs? I’m on a Linux box now and don’t have the program in front of me to browse through the themes so I’m just going from memory. Perhaps Space Pigs is a true work of art, in the Renaissance sense. Or maybe I’m just imagining it, just like I’m imagining your response to this post (shock and dismay!)

Take it for what it’s worth, but here’s the approach I proffer:

The main themes directory could contain a small number of well-thought-out designs (there are indeed a number of nice-looking and usable themes in there), and the rest could be contained in subdirectories? This way only the best are associated with Renoise and new users don’t go away thinking that it includes themes designed by the color-blind.
(OK, so now I’m being mean. Like I said, maybe I’m just missing out by only using an LCD, I realise that stuff can look different on a CRT. But maybe they are indeed ghastly–any opinions?) The casual user also benefits by not having to look so hard to configure things to their liking, yet it’s still possible to offer a ton of user-contributed themes.

Not to bring up feature requests again (the ones I posted in the delay compensation thread are more important anyway), but more powerful theme editing would probably pave the way for nicer user-contributed themes. Being able to save a particular colour combination, like r: 128, b: 127, g: 40 and refer to it by name or number would be a boon as most themes only have a few different colors really and it’d make entering the same values all the time a thing of the past. Plus if you had a whole bunch of things referring to ‘user colour 1’ and then changed it, you could change the colour of multiple interface elements at the same time, which would be quite nice.



It’s all a matter of personal taste. While the Space Pig themes may appear as a feat for the eye to the creator, I think it looks horrible. :)

Windows has also always been shipped with ugly themes and I can’t see why they would keep doing that if noone was using them.

But I agree with you on the “Selected Theme” idea.

You’re right that not every theme (read: few) is beautiful…

1.3 will have bitmapped skins, and with that some better
color controls with hue/saturation/brightness.

Space Pigs is a bit of a classic as well; I’m sure the designer meant it to be a throwback to the old FT2 Space Pigs theme…

But I hear ya. Ow, my eyes.