Renoise To Lilypond Converter

I often use lilypond to print my songs in score-sheet format. The conversion with a xrns-to-midi tool and a midi-to-ly tool was usually my way to get the notes automatically more or less correct. Nevertheless it need much time to correct the notes and bring them in an acceptable layout.

Now I started to write a litte tool that converts xrns-songs directly into lilypond format.


  • converts .xrns directly to .ly
  • each track will be saved as a separate voice
  • optional time parameter
  • tie (connecting of two notes) detecting (barline crossing supported)
  • dotted note detecting (optional)

First tests in beta version work very well. :D

Do you have more ideas ?

Do you think, this tool could be useful for you ?



Could you please make it a renoise (Lua) tool instead of some external tool though?

Sounds VERY useful. This is a tool I’d use.

Would also be interested in this here.

To second Suva, a script version of this would be great also.

This has been improved and Lua-fied, in case you didn’t know already:

Maybe you can improve this tool by adding Lilipond as a sort of patch/extension?


Great initiative.
+1 for some lua work on this!

I think this tool would be very useful. (Already installed LilyPond for it :) )

Yes, please. Go for it! Lilypond is nice for this. I like the LUA MidiConvert Tool Conner_Bw mentioned, but I don’t like the workarounds at the moment for a general simple and streamlined notation view:

  1. exporting your xrns to a .mid
  2. importing the .mid to a monster notation app (sibelius, finale, notion), takes time and interrupts

That saying, one keybinded LUA-Tool that streams me the current track or pattern through Lilypond straight into a pdf would be the killer.

hey man, millonquadrillionthanks for the LUA for dummies links B)

mathias? Any news on this project?

I’ve written now a little rns2ly converter for me.

You can use it too (only Windows), if you want. The converter can be downloaded under the follow link:

rns2ly converter

Have a nice day.