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Hello fellow Renoise users. Since I watched renoise tools from the beggining when there were no more than 4-5 I suddenly realized that renoise tools started populating! After a reinstallation of renoise I found tha it was very difficult downloading each tool and installing it. So I got an idea of creating a blog that contains packs with ALL tools out there, downloaded them and compressed them in a single archive!

As of now, 20-09-2012 there are 74 tools!

So I D/Led them and packed them and created a blog for all of you to download a full pack with all tools so you can download them all without having to download each one.

The Blog is:

(link removed)

I’m waiting for your feedback and ideas to make this better.
Hope this is usefull for you!

The Dot


I’m sure some people will appreciate your effort here and the convenience of such a pack, but please do not simply download content from our website and then re-publish it on your own website. You have not contacted us directly to ask for our permission to do this, and I’m guessing that you also did not contact every single tool developer to ask for their permission, either.

We mainly only want to distribute tools through our official website, since our users must also be able to see the relevent liability exclusion when downloading the tools from our website. Please respect this.

Independent tool developers do of course have permission to distribute their work through their own websites and other 3rd party methods. If you contact all of the developers directly and get their permission to redistribute their work, then we also don’t have any problem you doing this. But please don’t just archive/redistribute huge portions of our site content without first obtaining permission to do so.

Hi The Dot,

I’d also add you have 1 post in the forums, so I have no idea who you are, so why would I download executable scripts from you? Way too sketchy.

I think a better idea would be to make a bash script/batch file that downloads all the scripts from Renoise that I could run myself.

You could maintain that script with instructions on how to run it, but the files stay on


Bonus points:

A XRNX tool that downloads all other XRNX tools.

Hi The Dot,

As dBlue has already said, wile we can understand the idea, please do not do this.

The only way to ensure that the tool has not been modified is to download it from the renoise website where the creator originally uploaded it to.

There could be an issue that someone (either inadvertantly or intentionally) re-uploads a modified version. This makes it extremely hard to assist should people have errors when using the tool.

Can you please remove the two download packs from your blog.

Thank you.

I’m really sorry I haven’t thought that this could create problems like that. I just wnated to create a simple way to download all tools from one place without having to manually download each an every tool. I will deactivate my blog and I’ll try to learn how to create a script/batch file to download all tools from that states that the tools are owned by their respective creators and that they legalize only for posting these tools…

It might take a while to create such a script but I believe it is a great idea to have all tools packed!

Sorry if I created any problem.

P.S. BTW It’s a good idea for admins to create tools packs. It’s a really a mess having all these tools uncategorized so a user has to browse a general category to download the tools they need. If an admin read this it might be a good idea to create a different browsing category for all these tools!

The blog is down now.

P.S. I presume it’s ok to create a blog where I review the best renoise tools with links to, right???

The Dot

The Tool updater might be a good start. It already checks if installed tools have an update.
Perhaps not too hard to improve it and allow it to install none-installed tools as well.
The only problem is, that it is hard to make them visually attractive in the current LUA environment of Renoise. Hence the tool updater only updates tools that are currently installed.

I think a better idea would be a tool browser in Renoise, which can browse and download/instal tools. Maybe this can be a tool on it’s own? Is there an API for the tool database?

Do not worry, we understand you meant well :)

Writing a mass download script is an option, as is a tool installer tool (as others have suggested in this thread).

Note that tools are categorized by tags. Each developer provides a lists of tags when they upload a tool and you can search for tools by tag, e.g. pattern editor and synthesis.

Reviewing tools is always good and as the number of tools increases, will only help.

Yo dawg… (etc)

It’s all good. No harm, no foul. It’s quite clear that your intentions were good, but you simply need to be very careful when it comes to this kind of stuff.

This is absolutely fine. As long as you link back to the original tool page on, then we have no problem with this at all. In fact, a tool review blog could be quite cool :)

Why not use already existing renoise’s blog for this purpose?

The point is the legal notice about the tools and risk of them should be shown and confirmed before downloading the tool.
The juridical weight of such option in an existing tool that can be altered by anyone is most likely nihil compared to a site that can only be administered by a very few.

Let the tool developers decide then, if they want their tool to be available through another tool or website only. I doubt there will be many having a problem with this. I know I don’t.

I thought about something like this some days ago, but found no way to get a machine-readable list of all tools available on the tools website. An RSS listing all the tools and their versions could be a good start, so that the user could be presented with a checkable list.

is there such an RSS available? I couldn’t find it is the feed for the main tools page.

Maybe someone will a code a renoise tool called “packager” ; it could lists all the renoise tools available from the renoise website, and it could create & load “packages” (i.e. a group of tools) with the .xrnsp file format, packages could be installed with a simple drag & drop on the renoise GUI ; by this way everything is handled “internally” through the renoise interface ; is this idea possible ?

accessible from command line: xrnx-get update && xrnx-get install :P

Maybe people would find this useful, but I cannot see myself downloading such package. I want to install the tools I need, and keep my renoise slim.

To take this post a bit further to the ‘useful’ direction, I’ll pitch in a suggestion to just have a tool to SEARCH the renoise main tool database with tags or something similar, and provide links to the download pages. Don’t know if it’s possible, though. And it kind of gets pretty close to just opening the browser and searching with that… Hmm. ?

–edit:no, the title is latest renoise tools. . . .

Similar to what I was thinking actually.

A tool which creates a menu folder e.g. Main Menu -> Tools -> New Tools.

The tool would download and parse the latest tools webpage, and add a menu item for the last 10 entries. The menu entry name would be the name of the tool and clicking on it would open the browser to the associated tool page.

It could also have a static menu entry to directly open the main tools page.