Renoise Touchscreen?

check this… I will immediatly buy touchscreen if renoise and ableton works on this…feature=related

of course I’m still looking foward for a macbook touchscreen

have you seen the Jazzmutant stuff?
Also check out the lemur.
They look real nice.

actually, im atm my friends place, surfing on internet with laptop which has touch screen. it has designed to use as a tablet so you can flip screen on other side and close it.

well, of course very first time when i saw this one i had to immediately to test it with renoise and it WORKED!!! (of course) wicked to track with keyboard & touch screen…although the resulution of recog. the pointing on the screen is lil bit weak but stilll…its k00l!!!

also i have seen ppl asking question will renoise work on small acre ectect flash drive laptops. yes they wwork i tested on my friend pc but the problem is that you mis half from the dsp chain bar, so its lil bit difficult to tweak your soundz…


ps. this touch screen laptop is HP pavilion entertainment pc


:dribble: :dribble: :dribble:
me too!

with your 800 bpm liveset your touchscreen will have a short life :)

ahahaah can’t wait for that…

especially trying slowing pressing the space on the “touchscreen virtual keyboard” during a retrigger of hardcore kicks seam at 800bpm :panic:

ps: me and mat we will do a track at 2.560.000bpm soon when my cpu will support that.

when I tryed just to setting that bpm my macbook immediatly crash

frazzbass: you should really revise your concept of “BPM”, which probably stands for “BOOMs per Minute” accordin to you; 800 BPM is insane and you would not be able to distinguish a beat from another, even under the effect of the strongest drug (assuming that you would be able to distinguish night from day in that case). The 1.x concept of BPM in trackers was misleading; now we have real musical BPM value and you have been shown in another thread that 300 BPM is fair enough to perform the wildest *core show ever.

no no Frass really does 800 bpm tracks… it s like a hell machine smashing your head TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRKRJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ !! but he also plays 170 bpm when he feels kawai :D

we tryed to make a pattern 999 bpm lpb = 256 and 1 kick/line with 0E01
:D and full distortion but yeah… it make a terrible TEEEEEEEEEEE!!! then it crashes hihihi