Renoise track: "Loch Acid" + yt video

This tune was made in october 2019 with the awesome Renoise Tracker with using only stock (built in) fx , some weird samples, and the iconic D16 VST plugins Nithonat (drums), Lush 101 (drone bass / arpeggio / pad), Phoscyon (2 instances, v1). Vocoder sample was prepared using Native Instruments Reaktor 6.

The bassline patterns are 7 steps. Polyrhythmic stuff in the hihats… only nerds will notice :wink:

Check out the Renoise video here: Nicolas Diaz - Loch Acid ( Renoise Tracker 3.2 / D16 Lush 101 / Nithonat 606 / Phoscyon 303 ) - YouTube

Soundcloud link to the track (FREE download): Stream Loch Acid by Nicolás Díaz | Listen online for free on SoundCloud



Great track man loved it

Cheers! :grinning:

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Really nice laid back acid track, dig the lyric (four thousand feet of acid), nice!

Kudos for listening! :grinning:

Well, well, well! Chill, Acid, Elektro and a Synthwave like bassline combined in one track, this has to be good. There’s no way that it can’t be good. Strictly speaking, this is great. Well done, Mr. Acid Bassline Scientist! I hope all your tracks sound like this. If yes I will have to take a closer look. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you’re using Phoscyon, too. Maybe I can learn something in future. I need to know how to create a second bassline pattern with the internal sequencer. Perhaps I should read the manual one day… Btw, did you know that D16 Group released Phoscyon 2?

cool track…

I’ve got it and it’s amazing, even better sounding than v.1 and more user friendly, it’s gonna be used on many tracks going forward :wink: If you own v1 be sure to log into their user area and find the special upgrade price

Glad you liked it :grinning: I just updated my bandcamp page with all the tracks from 2022 making it an 80 track album :joy: 10 hours 43 minutes of stuff. Buy it for ONE euro :joy:

Yes I’m very aware of Phoscyon v2. I have the privilege of being in the test team of D16 :grinning:. EPIC piece of software! Even more EPIC mad audio software scientists over there at D16 :yellow_heart: But I’m very biased :joy::joy::joy:

So it’s 29 € for the upgrade to v2. Is it really worth it? Even if you just use Phoscycon now and then for some small Acid bits in a few songs? Or is v1 good enough for that reason? At least that’s what I can imagine.

I first thought that you have created 80 songs in 8.5 months of 2022, but now I got it. :wink:
Yesterday I checked your SC and listened to every song and I have to admit that Loch Acid is still my favorite. But you’ve got a lot of good stuff right there. What stands out in my opinion is a relatively new song called The Millenium Falcon Cup Holder Test, which is a flawless composition (only the bongos or congas from 7:40 are too loud). And I also like stuff like Return Of The Zombie Unicorns. Furthermore Nineteen Sixty One or Jarrenetic research do have a nice vibe. You’re an Acid fanatic for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:
I guess that I don’t need to ask how you like my favorite Acid tunes of all time, Gamma Loop - Eclipse and Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid. 1994 was a good year!

V1 is obviously enough for small acid bits but the sound engine has been remade and there’s a whole new great distortion and FX section section both sounds more authentic. I was very satisfied with v1 but I tried the demo anyway and was sold immediately, you just have to check it out.

Haha. Enjoy that pile of my hobby music! You’re welcome. Cheers!

I think that the big selling (upgrade) point is the complete package: engine, fx and sequencer. It just works very smoothly and lets you sketch and tinker all in one plugin screen. The developers went to great lengths to incorporate all their expertise of distortion models into Phoscyon. Upgrade is certainly worth it. Even if you use it occasionally.

Ok guys, thanks for your recommendations. Even if it’s not my priority I think I will give it a go sooner or later and get v2, too. I always like supporting cool shit and cool people, and Phoscyon is something cool. Even though the digital version of the Roland TB-303 sounds much better, there’s absolutely no way to support any subscription model just like the Roland cloud.

As far as I know this section is an addition and goes beyond 303 emulation.

I luckily watched some videos, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed that there’s an option to change the sequencer view from a piano roll to a classic step sequencer just like in v1. I really hate piano rolls.

I will always prefer any pile of “hobby music” over usual mainstream crap. Especially if this “hobby music” was created by a skilled person with a good taste. Or if it’s something “different”. That’s why I like listening to stuff posted here in this forum or on SC. And if these skilled persons with a good taste do have BC and there’s something I really like, I would gladly support the artist by buying all those songs. I would never buy 80 tracks for 1 €, I would give at least 1-3 € per track. Good music deserves to be properly supported. :slightly_smiling_face:

Right - but the 303 was often paired with distortion pedals so I appreciate it now have some of the great distortion sounds we recognize from the past.

It can also be used like a regular synth without its sequencer, just change play mode to external.

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Ok, this is a good point if it’s the “original sound” of distortion.

Right, just like v1. But I assume that you can’t create exactly the same sound that way, just think about creating accents of notes for instance. Usually I would always prefer external mode, but in this particular case I tend to use the internal sequencer.

Yes I know what you mean, I believe setting the accent is just a matter of setting the velocity though as it’s either accented or not, it’s making slides that’s super odd, so I am with you using the internal sequencer.

By the way the UI is also nice and big, I can hardly read the text in v1.

I think you’ll be amazed when checking out the presets regarding to the distortion :wink: