Renoise Tracker Competition!

Hey sup?

I just finished my entry for the madtracker compo, and was wondering if there’ll ever be a renoise compo?! Would be cool, could maybe even spark some better demo tracks to accompany the renoise download ;)


i think that counts for too…
i remember there were some suggestions (by devs) to reveal a small amount of webspace for reg. users. so they could upload/share their tunes/demos

indeed. that would be awesome!
:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I have MySQL and PHP5 on my host. What do you mean by “huge”, though?

I’d be up for it!

Hey btw jonas, would like to check your remix. Got an mp3 somewhere??

I think for a real compo, we might need at least 5 Gbyte webspace. Considering just the “active” members of this board submit two songs (10 mB each) we might have a lot of space needed.