Renoise Tracker Editor For Reason

Hello Amazing ReNoise community!

Im very new to this site, program and everything and as Im working in trackers since 1990. I was amazed to accidently find the BEST tracker in the world right now so I decided to share some ideas for music editing…

  1. After few days of testing demo version I got idea about possibility to change colour of each track. It will help in easier and faster tracking especially if you visually have different colours of, for example, drums track, bass track, effect track etc…

  2. Did you think about creating TRACKER EDITOR module for REASON music program? It will speed editing music a lot. Of course, it is just my wish, I have no idea is it possible to create, but just imagine how incredible would this module be for tracker musicians :)

all best!

  1. track colors was suggested before, but I agree with you that it will be a nice feature
  2. rewire support is on the todo list for the next version hopefully

If we’re at colouring the Renosie’ screen…

There was this AWESOME suggestion about syntax colouring a while ago. Now THAT would be cool!

Syntax colouring? What could that be?

Like different effects would have different colours.

So for example red colour for 09xx, green for 02xx etc. IT would make looking on the effect collumn much more transparent.

Hopefully optional ;) wouldn’t want my renoise looking like a christmas tree after all the effort i spent making it look pleasant

Well, the looks would depend on the colors you would set. If a user would set various shades of one color for that Renoise would not look like a christmas tree.

I still think it would be a very useful feature, because when you have 3 effect collumns, and various slides, offsets, delays, additional effects in volume and panning collumns it ofet is hard to read what’s actually going on when you’re sinply looking on the screen.

i think the best way to approach the two separate ideas of track tinting and effect tinting would be

  1. put a “track colour” option in the context menu for the track in the pattern editor

  2. add the effect tinting option to the config menu with toggle switches that allow you to turn the tinting on an off, for each effect. i would prefer to be able to quickly select which parameters get tinted and which don’t.

but i think they both are really good ideas.