Renoise tracks on German TV


I would like to share with you that the German Television station “Bayerischer Rundfunk” (BR) used four tracks from me in two episodes of their programme “Space Night”. All tracks were of course made with Renoise :)
The programme, running since 1994, shows impressive and wonderful pictures of the space, the orbit, and the earth and mixes it with (mostly) electronic music. The episodes are broadcasted at the weekend nights frequently.

You can have a look at the full length and HD episodes on the website of the BR now:

Space Night - Episode “Earth Views 2”
Space Night - Episode “Earth Views 9”

There are also 5 other new episodes available.

You can download the tracks here or on my homepage.
“Schwedische Gardinen” (Earth Views 2 at 15:16)
“Das Privileg” (Earth Views 2 at 39:28).
“Pulver” (Earth Views 9 at 11:51)
“Sieb” (Earth Views 9 at 48:50).

And the best:
Your tracks could be also chosen for one of the next episodes!
Just go to the website, read the terms and conditions (your tracks must be CC) and upload your tracks.

cool, space night is back. thumbs up.

VERY cool! Congratz! :)

Thank you! :) :walkman:

I love ’ the universe ’