Renoise Tuplet Calculator

in case it helps anyone, i made a little online tuplet calculator to calculate the delay commands.

OK that URL is long dead… here is the new URL:

I should probably turn this into a Renoise Tool. Someone in the forums had an idea for a “distribute notes” tool. This would be ideal.

Looks nice…
(I though the command was 0Dxx… not Dxxx :))

:x hehe fixed; good eye sir

Why not use the delay column instead?

the concept is the same, but just 256 (i think?) ticks per row.

Sweet, it’s like Renoise wax.

Excellent! I’m new to Renoise, was scratching my head a little last night on how to get my beloved triplets into the pattern editor

Nice work.

And thanks

Man! I totally forgot about this tool!
really very nice! I’ll ber quintupleting agian in no time!