Renoise U.s. Merch

I kinda want a renoise t-shirt. A black one, with the big R logo right in the middle.

I would defenantly buy a shirt or more if multiple styles became available, as long as they deal with renoise that is, not like the shirts Native instruments made which look like those EMO-esque crap Starvingeyes put out

I wish t-shirts could have xml like renoise

you don’t understand

we are AMERICA

and we want tee shirts

? :D

Still America, still shirtless

which is a shame because we are all fat

i sure would buy one to cover my fat american ass.

I could buy one for ya and send it over in the post, as long as you paypal me later. Im a kind person like that! :)

Not this week though, postmen on strike again.

hello again renoise thong


As they are saying - Switzerland :dribble:
I think, we should win world championship in ice hockey again and in final match beat Americans :D

US Spreadshirt Shop:

let me know if you want some other shirt/design variants…

definitely something to be spread through the headline news! The next newsleter should also mention it.

the whole world should wear Renoise!

Awesome. Come payday and I’ll purchase one.

In the EU-shop:

Is this T-shirt black or blue? It says “blue black”…3148933&p=1

so black it’s blue?

*waits for an American to ask if there’s a renoise t shirt also with their national flag on it too :P

Yes, I know. hehe, but in the text under the “topic” It says “black t-shirt”
Something is wrong here…

Anyway. I want a black t-shirt with white tag on the chest and a white logo on the back… Pretty basic.

only if there is a bald eagle busting through the flag.