Renoise U.s. Merch

i’ve wanted a renoise shirt for a while, and now that the option is available i’m happy. though there is one thing keeping me from finally going for it. the t-shirts are not printed on american apparel shirts. it does cost more, but the difference in quality and fit is gargantuan.

all I can say is that Renoise shirts are by far the best in quality I have ever bought on the net. Thinkgeek shirts are also good, but Renoise are better.

don’t know if american apparel would be better, but I’m really happy with Renoise shirts quality

the comfort T from spreadshirt is good quality, but strange size. I am 1.85m and I have about eight S-sized shirts from spreadshirt, M and L are way too big for me.

I agree about the american apparel t-shirts. I worked at one of the stores for a while and now i find it hard to wear any other brand of T-shirt because they fit so well, IMO.

American Apparel is to Fruit of the Loom
Renoise is to Techno eJay