Renoise Usb

Is it possible to zip the renoise folder as placed in c:/program files/Renoise 2.6 and play it from usb on a other computer? Like the free portable music station on dubforum .

I ask this because I read something about renoise leaving application data on the computer necessary to operate.
Also the keybindings file seems to be there, which is a must have for me as I operate alot of custom shortcuts.

I would really like to be able move everything without having to configurate or register anything.
Is it possible?

the place where the coonfiguration is saved depends on which Operating System you are using.

to easily get the answer, use your OS search function and look for this file: KeyBindings.xml

Once found, copy all the folder which contains this file and you will have stored all the necessary files for your custom Renoise configuration.

This does not mean that you will be able to run Renoise from an USB drive, since Renoise requires that the files must be in a configuration folder similar to the one from which you created your backup, but you will be able to restore your backup on another machine by simply copying your configuration files in the right place

Allright, thanks !

ok, you have to close renoise and then copy past the xml in the app data on your
to use pc.
spoke with someone on this when it did not work, i made this mistake.
or else it will be overwritten.
I thought I closed renoise before overwriting but it appears i did not.