Renoise_util, Yet Another Utility This Time In Python


I wanted to automate the process of compressing xrns with ogg vorbis replacement of large flac files. This led me to throw together the following:

It’s written in python, works on linux, and requires sox to replace flac with ogg. As far as I know it does things slightly different, since it’ll ogg compress all files larger than a certain threshold (it’s not possible to select which files you want to ogg compress).

More features are probably going to be added as I need them, comments welcome…

Cool script, nice to see some Python.

Just to ask, you know about this implementation, right?

I prefer python over everything when it comes to stuff like this, but I realize that might just be me.

Yes, but I don’t want to install php to modify my xrns. Also I now have somewhere to throw in the extra functionality I need in the future.

I never heard anything but praise about Python, so I’m kinda sure it isn’t you :P