I think we really have to do something about this cracked version of Renoise.
If someone know this group named YAG, I would personally shoot them with my 9mm!!!
Or maybe I just f**** them in the ass… <_<

Yeah, that’d help.

I like your avatar picture TNT97 :)

i think those who use cracked version of renoise wouldnt register in anyway. Renoise price is very reasonable for people to register it if they care about that even just a little bit.

there is a friend of mine, in my city, who sometimes uses ReNoise. He always asks me questions about it, when he meets me.

Funnily, the most recurring question is:
“Is there any cracked version for RNS 1.5? I’m still using the full RC1 I’ve found on the net”

He asks it to a team member… :rolleyes:

Last time, I said:
“Couldn’t you just spend those little money, instead of using an old and buggy version?”

he replied:
“You know I’m unemployed, and I don’t use ReNoise very often: if I could afford it, and if I would use it more often, I would buy it”

“So why don’t you just use the free version?”


People are strange, italians do it better :)

To bad…

Is it the PC version or Mac or both :panic:

as long as there is commercial software there will be illegal versions for free. the only solution is opensource or public domain. another solution would be: software for private use for free - for any commercial use not for free .

but Renoise has a nice cheap demo / price / update model …can’t understand why somebody uses a cracked RC1 if he can get a legal full featured and final “DEMO” version!


I’ve met that friend, and he said:
“your demo song ‘The path’ is ugly!”, so it looks like he finally downloaded the demo :D

By the way, wich one of you have a legal Windows ?


Not to be cynical, but Windows is a whole different issue. How many big companies need umphteen licences of Renoise?

Hm, maybe I should start a company like that… Renoise classes, comes bundled with registered software. :P

Anyways, IT, your notes on your friend totally cracked me up, hehe…

Well, shit happens. Why shouldn’t Renoise be included in pirates’ hitlists? Because it has a fairly independant developer? That is nothing new.

Also, naming the release group makes a search for the pirate version easier, you know. Kinda like when Edge put pictures of pictures of backup gaming devices in their magazine and everywhere people asked around where to get them, thus creating mindshare.

I have legal windows and legal renosie!
let’s not talk about other softwares :huh:

I haven’t tried searching for Renoise myself, but generally it’s so easy to find anything that naming groups makes no difference…

I have legal version of windows, I would never have a pirated version of an operating system…

I also try to register all software I can afford and especially cheap software developed by small companies or single persons…

funny. mac osx tiger is the first operating system i have ever paid money for. i felt kinda dirty about it too. at least i got a 50% discount.

f**** paying for operating systems.

hmmm… last time i tried using that word in this form it got censored. might as well take the time to run some tests here:

f**** fering fedy f****
f u c k

eat that invision board censorer

I never had a pirated version of Windows either…
I used evaluation editions that operated for 60 days, but i just set my system date to 2099 or some similar date before installing it.
And yes:after 60 days, glory hallelujah, Windows still worked.
This trick unfortunately stopped working when XP came upon the market.
But for a student price i got a special copy of XP pro corporate.
(And yes, that was cheaper than Renoise :P)

once linux is to the point were it runs windows programs more stable than the enviroment they were built for, we will all have a much better outlook on pirated code…
but until then, they deserve to be looted :yeah:

i find it really funny tho and unforgivingly ironic how bill gates started up that “snitch on the guy you bought the pirated version from bullshit” when he himself
did nothing but pirate another mans idea!

btw on ed2k theres a fully regged copy floating around

I think Renoise is the only software I’ve ever paid for.

Just out of curiosity: If you (the developers) knew who shared his version or who put the cracked version out… could you get some money from him(/her B) )?

Btw: I purchased Renoise as well, and I don’t buy software very often, either.