Renoise V2.1 And Windows 7

As the title suggests, anyone used (or using) Renoise v2.1 with Windows 7? Can anyone confirm whether it works OK?

Thanks in advance. :)

Why should it NOT work? Windows 7 is Windows Vista with some cosmetics and a new name. Of course Renoise will work with it.

Thanks both.

@ Bantai: Renoise 2.5 has exposed certain timing flaws in old VST’s that I use the most (namely Dreamstation DXi and Quadrasid), whereas Renoise 2.1 ran them perfectly well. I need to stick with version 2.1.

@ Taktik: Windows 7 was never listed as being one of the OS’s that Renoise 2.1 worked with, so I had no reason to assume that it would. If you’re telling me that it does, I can upgrade! :)

As long as Windows 7 does not demand too much crazy stuff from applications, it will work.
But “Windows 7” compatible is something i prefer to tag on an application as soon as Windows 7 is a proven concept.
Each new Windows release comes with a load of bugs which take a few services pakcs before they are truly squashed and then when the culprits and benefits are known, it can be added.

That was me being confused. I though monotron mean Renoise v2.5 and not Renoise v2.1. Sorry.

Monotron: it should work. Please simply try out if it does for you…

Thanks all.

It’s a new PC I’ll be buying, but most if not all new PC’s are shipping with Windows 7 now. All of my friends and family are still on XP (says a lot!), so I’m having trouble finding anyone who can test it for me! :)