Renoise Video FX

Now this is probably not the first thing you think about when you open your favorite tracker.
It’s just a short test video, i’ll come up with something a bit more interesting when i’m finished with it, so consider this a teaser:

Basically how i made this, was by recording the Renoise screen with Camstudio while manipulating sounds with my Big Bloomer. The additional step i did to remove the background parts, was done in After Effects, but you don’t really need this rather expensive software to do this though. I think it’s possible in virtualdub perhaps or other free video editors, but i don’t use those and can not tell you how to use them. It’s rather simple though, so if you know a bit about video editing then this shouldn’t be a problem.
I simply made a still image of the background of the spectrum thingy (what do you call it?), then i put the recorded video on the top and set it to exlusion difference.

There are are ways to improve image quality and stuff i can help you with if you can’t get good results, however i will not tell you how to make the sounds for the animations though, you’ll have to figure that out by yourself. Maybe i’ll give some hints after a while if you find it very difficult. :D

The past couple of days i haven’t been able to do much more than creating cool shapes to animate. It’s amazing what you can do if you have a nice base shape, like a three dimensional matrix donut or something and then animate it with a flanger to make it turn around in 3D space.

Has anyone tried this yet? Any nice screenshots perhaps? Part of the fun is to make your own shapes, but if you need help creating these then i can upload a xrns/xrni with some nice base shapes.

Anyone up for a challenge? Who can make the coolest animations/screenshot? :D

Yeah, this is a lot of fun. I remember some time ago there was a thread about this stuff…god knows how to find it. I think this video is from that thread:

I haven’t seen that one before, nice!
I didn’t even know these things were possible untill recently when i discovered some weird figures and started investigating it further. :lol:

Finally i’m starting to get the hang of this. :lol:

Here is the final version (i think):

And here is proof:
It lacks a few of the animations that were caused by the music tracks. I also used a mirror effect on the “butterfly”, but most everything else is as recorded from Renoise with some stylizing and background.

these are really really great

Thank you, it’s been a lot of fun too. :)

I forgot to mention, if you watch it in youtube you can also see it in HD.