Renoise Vst For Midi Output

I’m sure the subject of Renoise as a vst has come up before…
My idea is based on the fact that Bidule, Max/Msp, Audiomulch, etc… are great programs but lack simple sequencing modules. So basically I’m just thinking it would be cool to have Renoise as a VST simply to output midi messages for each track.
…and no i don’t like Buzz :)

Actually, Renoise running as VST plugin came in 9th at the last feature vote, so it’s definitely something a lot of people would like

BTW You heart audiomulch too? Conceptually, it’s like the total opposite of Renoise, and the metasurface is kicka$$

yeah that metasurface is solid :)
I haven’t touched that program since I discovered Bidule though.
…and I totally forgot about this other program that has been in development for a while called “ReViSiT.” but it’s full of pointless crap because it is trying to be an entire tracker program as a vst.
All I’m suggesting is something that sends typical midi signals (Note/Pitch, Velocity, On, Off, etc.).
Bidule has a decent Piano Roll but i don’t personally like working with it. Fruity Loops somehow made their entire program a vst (again a piano roll), and so has Reaktor (most pain in the ass piano roll ever).
I would love to hear more opinions on all this. I love straight up tracking but there is something very special about all those crazy wires interacting with each other in the real-time modular environments.

maybe the same ("…and no i don’t like Buzz") but there is a
successor in development called buze.

otherwise you could use midiyoke or Hubi’s MIDI Loopback.
but imo best alternative would be:
xt1 (dont have to use a sequencer) + vst + renoise.

Phrazor VSTi is nice as well. But, being used to lightning-speed workflow that is tracking, the pianoroll once again fails to impress. But it can be used as a phrase sequencer (hence the name), or even creating arpeggiators based on your own note sequences.

They have a public beta preview on

cool thanks guys. i like this gersic site!
i’ll post a picture soon of what i’ve been blabbing about.

ehh Max/Msp actually has a sweet little midi recorder module that can record real-time from a keyboard, guess i’ll use that for now.