Renoise w/ V-Drums....test. testing testing 1234

Very cool :slight_smile: :drummer:

This last update of Renoise has rendered my NI Battery 3&4 just about useless. All of these routing options and midi controls make my head explode!! velocity layering is spot on and the round robin feature is always great for creating colorful and playable kits.

holy shit thats really cool


Very cool.

yes impressive! good luck editing the pattern data though =P

Great stuff!

the pattern data records spot on and is as easy to edit as anything programed. RENOISE!!! i set the LPB higher 16-32 which helps to really catch the “human element”. I will have to do something that flex’s the power of Renoise next time.

every hit is played in real time w/ no edits.

This is so amazing! Big ups! :drummer: