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thanks for the compliments :)

about that dedicated wallpapers section… well, why not. lets collect some vote for those and add winners to the “official” wallpapers section ?

how about a gfxbattle ?

Could be interesting/fun to try sometime!

I’ve only done gfxbattles a couple of times in the past actually though. It was always kind of tricky to get things started because all my friends use Photoshop, and I’m one of those rare weirdos who actually prefers to use Paintshop Pro, hehe. PSP9 supports most of the important stuff in the PSD format, but there’s still a few little things which don’t work correctly.

I used to design a lot when I was a few years younger, but these days the inspiration/ideas are quite slow to come to me. Same with music unfortunately.

Anyone got any good tips for kick-starting creativity? :P

Hang out with creative people who like and do the same things you do. B)

very nice wallpaper dblue, thanks!

Dunno how it is with you, but i i also kinda lost creativity some time back… until i figured out what was wrong… The point was actually that i got kinda too involved with sound quality at the early stage, as everybody talk about bits and Hz etc etc etc around… We have now much more possibilties with all those VST instruments, effects, quality samples etc. But unfortunately the side effect of bigger possibilities is that you will keep more and more time on “choosing” and “selecting” and less on composing itself… Back then when i used ST3 and IT i had very little knowledge on sound engineering, mixing etc and also those DOS based trackers didnt have capabilities for producing good qualiti sound… well some may argue but i think you get my point. And the whole quality bull didnt concern me at all. I just grabbed whatever samples i got/ripped, and composed some cool stuff with them. My mind/creativitie was open and unrestricted.

So now i try compose in two stages… Stage one is complete brainstorming. And i mean complete brainstorming… however weird my ideas wouldnt be and however low quality samples i may use etc… Until i get some interesting results and the feel of satisfaction. And then, on stage two i try to make that sound good and maybe change some samples, instruments and so on…

I don’t know of course how it is with you… but hope it helps a bit maybe…

Sorry for my english… didnt have time to use a dictionary right now… :)

I used to hang with some pro-audio guys, and I can honestly say that its killing my creativity

Hm, I can see the problem, yeah…

To explain what I meant: I write poetry as well as do music etc, and I get a helluva lot more ideas when I’m around other poets, as we’re using the same ‘tools’ to get our art down. The problem with music is that it’s so much more versatile, and say a classic composer’s methods are some times impossible to combine with an old-school techno tracker’s methods.

Was it anything like this you meant, tnt97?

Some times. To some people. Not a general statement, but that’s an example of how incompability between two musicians can kill creativity.

Anyhoo, trackit has a VERY good point: Stay in focus when you make something, try not to drift from the brainstorming and start finetuning until absolutley necessary. Make the bones, build flesh and lay some skin and clothes come last. You don’t want to end up with nothing but a naked upper body with a nipple ring, because you couldn’t stay in focus now would you?

Gross comparison… :rolleyes:

Oh, and why not just find any good old track, zap it’s contents (yeah yeah, good old FT2-expression) and go a’trackin? Just go with what the track already gives you and try making something on your own, then remove all original content/samples when you have something to work with to make it your own.

Or, just do some chiptunes. Always cheers you up. :P

simple, sort of disrupting, nice an chaotic
these are the juliatest06 quaternion collection
this week i will do the others i have planned :D

Maybe in the future you can make thumbnail/preview images and post those instead of the fullsize ones? Makes it a bit difficult to navigate the forum with a screen full of images, hehe. Also, it would be considerate for other users who are simply browsing through the pages.

Anyway… I really like the 1st one you did here, it’s got a lovely oldskool feel to it. Reminds me of old demos on the Amiga/Atari. Against a black background it would be even cooler. :P

Geee, some people are NEVER satisfied :D Good work choice.
I liked #1 and #3 the most. B)

The colours and oldskool feel of some of choice’s designs got me in the mood to do a fun wallpaper.

Enjoy :D

800 x 600

I am absolutley loving that oldskool wallpaper!!!

Oh happy days… :D