Renoise & Warez

I just made a search on emule about Renoise (just curious, i’m a registered user) and found several registered renoise versions :o

is there any plan to change the software registration process/unlock ?

as the name of the registered user appears when launching Renoise i guess it’s pretty easy to find out who shared it on P2P networks.

shame anyway :angry:

I know at least 3 cases of shared registered copies.

2 of them looks like they have been shared by accident, and so the team decided to change their registration info (thus preventing people from downloading future versions without authorization) and >“forgive” the unattentive people, while the third license was canceled.

I’ve personally phoned one of these 2 people home on behalf of ReNoise team to ask for clarifications :)

we see you :ph34r:

shared by accident ? u mean they shared the directory where the renoise archive was stored ? why not…

so does that mean that i have to share my registered renoise to get a call from you honey ? :lol:

kidding of course

well, the 1.281 has been released very few weeks ago by “a new group called cowboys from hell”- some sucker trying to get a rep. It was especially funny because 1.5 was already on its way then.

not to say that pirating underground software is cool (because it’s SO LAME. this is why Jeff Lim quit.) but it DOES mean that your software is good and people want it.

:angry: :angry:

Haha I can imagine it now.

“Jesse (my real name) there’s some weird Italian guy on the phone, he’s been asking about something called Renoise??” :blink:


:huh: why… I don’t think YOU’re the one behind the release of the pirated version :) You might be the one behind the shared-in-accident thing (I don’t know this) but that’s something that can actually happen (I suppose).
So me and It-Alien (The EXTREME and VERY VIOLENT wing of the Italian Renoisers Team) will leave our baseball clubs and will not wait for you out of your home during night-time…
:lol: :lol: :lol:

No I’m not the one who accidently shared Renoise or pirated it. I’m a registered user and very careful about these things.

Of course I say that now :lol:

P.S. you voted for Berlusconi too?? ;)

ouch. :)

But well…This is awakeNING…I don’t think that I ever had it in ‘my shared folder’ or what…(It’s mine! :P ) …but now I know that I really should care about that.
It’s really not nice to get to know somewhen that my version with my name is being downloaded in masses outthere.
It, once you call me, I’ll make you some phone-radio with MELODIC TRANCE! :)

Hehe… I keep all registered renoise.exe and other delicate information in a password protected rar archive. Don’t know if this is very secure but atleast it will take some effort to get to the data should I ever be careless enough to share that folder.

Uhhmm… How do you run it? :P

sounds a bit paranoid huh ?
what about burning it on a CD, storing in in a USB key or Zip disk or whatever ?
just a good way not to find accidentally in a shared folder.

Agh! <_< No I didn’t.
Have you had the chance of downloading “Citizen” Wideangle’s documentary about Berlusconi? it’s shared around the net, go get it if you want to make yourself an idea about how bad things are going here… :( :(
Stuff that Michael Moore could include in his movies! All happening in a country that’s more interested in a soccer match than the corruption trials of their governors…

But this is sliding out topic… <_<

Well, ok. That didn’t make any sense, now did it? :) I have separate partitions for windows, aplications and files (where I have all my mp3’s, rns’s, and installation files)

I never thought of the possibility that someone would be stupid enough to share his program directory. (no offense ut that IS stupid. Kinda like this guy right here) → :w00t:

I’m just keeping my registered Renoise in /root :) I’m the only one who knows the root password, also I don’t use DC++ on the computer where it is, so there’s no risk.

I keep my registered Renoise in an optical disk that is burried deep into Antartica’s ice layer.
I have stored a backup copy mirroring in the 2 martian rovers.

I have mine on a secure server orbiting Uranus.

i just hope u won’t have to reinstall your machine, downloading a ghost from your server would take several weeks :o