Renoise Wiki

My $0.02:

How about a wiki, such as Wikipedia? You are already running PHP on this server, so there are many wikis one could implement. For what? Well, for one thing it would probably grow as an inofficial knowledge-database for Renoise and serve as a pool for an official guide.

I don’t mean to criticize this forumsystem, however I do find it a little bit unstructured. A wiki would probably be better in this regard.


A manual project is in the works, where anyone will be able to contribute.
Stay put…

Hi all.

I made a wiki site, in Japanese.

When Ver.1.5 will come, I’m going to move my Japanese tutorial there.
Although people hardly come yet now, I think that the contents of this site will be increased step by step.

I am looking forward to Ver.1.5. B)