Renoise will not load song (After failing to find Synth1 VST)

I recently resumed work on a song that I started my old CPU (but still made with Renoise 3.2.1) When I opened it up, it gave me an error that it cannot find Synth1 VST. I don’t use Synth1 VST anymore since it has run buggy on Mac for a while, but never bothered to uninstall. I removed Synth1 VST instrument track and resumed work. After running fine for while, now I cannot open the file and it gets stuck on the spinning rainbow wheel. I deleted Synth1 and all of its files from my plugin folder. All the instruments are samples and other Plugins that have worked fine, Only weird thing I can find with this song is the Failure to Load Synth1. My CPU also seems to be working very hard to try to load the song, Renoise freezes and I am forced to Force Quit.

2020 MacBook running Catalina.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Not sure if it would be the same on a mac, but could there be a notice window hidden in the background? Something which you’d need to click away for the rest of the song to continue loading? What does the log file say?

Definitely no hidden window to speak of. If I try about 20+ times, the song will open with no problem. Every other time it just freezes when attempting to open. I was able to find .diag and .hang files, but am not sure where to find the .log file and this forum won’t let me upload those.

From within Renoise, top left’ish of the gui, go to the help tab. There is an option to show the log file and it will take you to the folder. Once in the particular folder exit Renoise otherwise you can’t open the log, once opened you can scroll down to the part you think is relevant and paste the content here as text. Or if you rather not, mail the devs the logfile.

Also from; ; MacOS: ~/Library/Logs/, ~/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V3.2.1/

Here is the log file. I can’t see anything related to Synth1 which was what I thought was causing this issue(only difference between this song and the other) but more recently i see something called WaveShell? Not even sure what that is and am not totally sure what to look for. Do you know what email I should send the log to? Thank you so much for your answers!

Renoise.log (1.4 MB)

waveshell is something related to waves plugins, search for ‘error’ in the log file to get better hints on what could be wrong. No need to send it to the devs anymore as you have succesfully shared the file above :slight_smile: .

I see a lot of mentions on;

File IO error while reading the plugin bridge component list (Error: Failed to open the file for reading)

…in the log, perhaps related to Synth1?

I think Catalina is 64 bit only no? So if Synth1 is 32 bit, it wont be bridged properly?

I’m thinking that is the Plug-in Bridge error is what is causing the freeze, since the only difference with that session is that it once had an instance of Synth1. You are correct that Catalina is 64-bit and Synth1 is 32, which is why I don’t use Synth1 anymore and uninstalled it by deleting all of its files, and of course the instance of it in the session. My uneducated guess would be that Renoise is still searching for that instance of Synth1 and causing it to freeze.

The error is a bit misleading, but just means that the 32bit process failed to start (because catalina no longer allows 32bit processes to start). I don’t think that this has anything to do with Synth1.

According to the log Renoise hangs while opening XLN Audio: RC-20 Retro Color. If RC-20 Retro Color works just fine when being used without any other plugins in a new project, this means “RC-20 Retro Color” breaks because some other plugin which got loaded before. What exactly causes this will be very hard to find out.

When did the project loaded fine the last time? Before you upgraded to Catalina? Maybe some of the used plugins has some “compatibility” problems with Catalina. Updating all your plugins, especially those who got updated for Catalina definitely doesn’t hurt then.

The project opened fine the first few times I opened it on my new MacBook(Catalina). Was able to work on it for a bit no problem, but then it started freezing when opening. It was around the time I started Rewire-ing it to Logic but I’m not sure if that caused the problem since it wasn’t immediate. I uninstalled RC-20 to see and still cant open the project. Thankfully I have my old MacBook with Mojave to test it and the project runs no problem.