Renoise with a corne keyboard?

When I first started using Renoise I was using a 60% keyboard. I quickly got frustrated with having to use the function key with the arrow keys, so I switched to a TKL.

As time has gone by I am left wanting a smaller keyboard again, specifically a corne. To anyone here who has used this keyboard (or similar) inside of Renoise, how has your experience been? Can you recommend it?

Will it have dedicated arrow keys? I think the easiest way to decide is to see how much functionality you will lose, see if anything you would lose matches what annoyed you about the 60% keyboard. I wouldn’t go smaller than TKL personally, but I understand the desire to hunt the perfect kb.

I use Keychron K3 - 84 key lowprofile keyboard. I love the look and size of 60% keyboards but they are pain to use in my scenarios

I agree way too many compromises for use cases beyond gaming and very light typing. I’ve got a low profile mechanical TKL and its possibly the ideal for myself. I dont really miss the numpad at all and the low profile keys feel nice for gaming.

MSI Vigor GK50 low profile:

The reason I asked about corne’s in paticular is because toggling layers and using keyboard shortcuts seems a lot more intuitive than on a 60% or other smaller boards. Not having to move your hands off the home row while being able to access any key you want.

I don’t know about Corne but you could also get a 75% where you at least get arrow keys and some other useful keys.