Renoise with Audiophile?

Hi from Rio, :)

I’m going to buy a new Sound Card, and I want something professional this time, so I don’t want another SB, so I’m thinking in buy this one:

Audiophile 2496 (by M-Audio)

can I use this card with Renoise without problems? do you already tested
with this card? any other recomendations?




it works… Ive run ReNoise on it once on a friends computer… but Ive never worked with it so I can’t say anything on performance…

but i question your choice! are you just going to run ReNoise on it?
are you heavily into midi or not? do you need the hard-drive recording and stuff?

what is a professional card anyway?
as long as it produces HQ sound and top performance on Your Setup it should suffice imo…

In my understanding Audiophile is mostly favoured by midi-buffs and that for several reasons… a few of them being: the only choice in their local music-store, the guy in the music-store promoting it (to squeeze out that xtra buck by saying things like: ‘this card is perfect for you’; ‘this is exactly what You need’ etc), lack of knowledge of other cards, friends preference etc. etc.
of course, other reasons (in spite of the previous) is that it’s a quite decent card but if I were you I would seriously look into other options, ask myself a lot of questions about what I reallly need… I think you may run in to trouble, annoying hang-ups and such using it for tracking only… (my opinion!)… try finding Tracker-musicians that really use it and listen to their experiences…

Good luck!

I think your choise is splendid! Audiophile is an exelent audiocard… I have one myself and and it has VERY low latency and stable drivers… things that many other cards suffer from…
IoDean obviously do not know much about the card casue the things he is saying is very much wrong…(or shal I say bs) :D ;)
Audiophile is NOT a MIDI-card. You just have one MIDI-out and one MIDI-in port, I have a separate MIDI-interface for my synths and midi-equipment and do not use Audiophile to MIDI at all! Audiophile is not just a decent sound-card, it is a VERY good professional audiocard with ultralow latency for a very decent price… I was looking at a dozen of cards before I did my chose and the M-Audio Delta series was rhe obvious winner…
I realy want IoDean to tell me about a better card for the same price… cause it sounds to him like he know about cards that I don’t ;)

Thanks for the answers, but I already know Audiofile, and I know that is a great professional sound card, with great conversors (AD/DA). :)

but Twilek, this card is working fine with Renoise? :)

because I want a soundcard to use renoise too! :)

aside recording vocals, keyboars, guitars, etc… :)

so are you using audiophile with renoise without problems? :)

thanks again,


No problems at all :D

I give you that one… still, Ive run the specs through, installed it for a friend, ran into various annoying problems… (though resolved now)
and I Can stomach the .bs.-part :D

Obviously not and it wasn’t my intention to imply that the card were rather than the users…

maybe my post came through a bit to harsh :blink: but my main objective
was to stir up questions regarding usage… do you need what you pay for?
or do you need more/less? are you paying too much or not? etc. so, there may be a better card suited for your
perticular needs when it comes to price vs performance… I think.
you obviously asked yourself these types of questions before your purchase
and I certainly did… and we’re both satisfied with what we got…

my experience of the card though, subjective as it is, is somewhat dented and I shared that… yours is good.
For a person to make up his mind it is good to see different views, don’t you think?

don’t get me wrong… I dont’ think the audiophile suxx or anything, I just don’t like it! (and maybe that is my loss…) :P :D

peace man! I just still wonder one thing, which cards are you talking about when you say this? Audiophile is a realy cheap card with outstanding performance, and I can’t think of many other cards that can be true competitors to it, so tell me, I’m just curious… ;)

Terratec Dmx6Fire/EWX24/96-line and also the more expensive EWS-line
CL Audigy-line

but the $200 range is tricky business… to get the real juice one has to move up a bit…
and if you move down you lose in performance…
but then again: what is it supposed to cope with?

I personally like the Yamaha DSP factory and the Creamware-line but they’re totally misplaced here… :o :P :D B)


The Terratec DMX and EWX24/96 cards are built on the same chipset as the Audiophile so the cards is almost identical… So I realy do not understand why you think the Terratec cards are so much better than Audiophile ;) I guess it is because you are in love with toslink or something similar ;) :lol:
The biggest diffrence between the cards is probably the drivers and the m-audio drivers is very stable so… what is the problem? :rolleyes: ;)

Sure it is some small difference but this is just a matter of personal taste and needs, nothing more than that… And I still prefer the Audiophile :D hehe

I feel we’re almost agreeing by now but from different points of view though… :huh: :P

nontheless, it seems that you misinterpret my posts… adding more negativity to them than what is called for… I think that if you re-read them you’ll see that I mostly ask questions and share my opinion based on experience which isn’t the same as stating facts…

nevermind, it’s like the old machintosh vs. intel/PC feuds… You’re a believer
and I’m not! but that doesn’t mean much now does it!?

exactly what Ive tried to get across… B)

I think this thread turned out to be a pretty amusing one though :D Internet is fantstic, a perfect place for equivocal discussions. :lol: And no, I’m not a believer… ;)

Thanks for all the help! :)

and bout Audiophile, any of you know a soundboard small like that, that have an Pre-Amp to use Mics too?

Not so large like Deta 1010 LT, but something like Audiophile but with a preamp. :)

thanks again,


What about an audiophile plus an Audio Buddy Mic Preamp

I also think all these have preamps…&sid=3&menu=101


dito. amusing is nice… haha! :lol: