Renoise (with help from Psycle, Reaper, Bitwig, Energy XT2...)

The first few tracks were written in Renoise and mixed down and edited in Bitwig, the rest are a mixture of DAWs.

Sounds come from VSTs and an assortment of analog gear.

I did music in trackers for over 15 years, but now can’t think of going back when I’m used to the visual editing capabilities like Bitwig’s detailed clip editor with sample stretching.

But for quick sample offset tinkering Renoise is still very good, I’ve been thinking of buying Redux for that… And possibly some other creative uses, I don’t quite see yet how I would benefit from it. I should try one day if I can drag and drop samples into it straight from Bitwigs clip editor, that would be ace. Since now cutting stuff up is great in Bitwig, but arranging a lot of pieces is not necessarily so straightforward.