Renoise With Linux And Wine

Today I did a little test to get Renoise running on GNU/Linux.

Reason :
The reason I would like to run Renoise on Linux is because then I can manipulate files a lot easier then in Windows. for example , when downloading a a wide range of zips from a site :

wget -r http://site.with.sample
this way I don’t need to klick on every single button or link on that sample site.

Then there is also like uncompressing :

ls *.zip > list_of_zips_with_samples.txt &&
for i in cat list_of_zips_with_samples.txt
unzip $i

… I can give a whole bunch of examples how more easier it is handling filemanagment and automation on linux compared in windows.

How I did it :

first I installed wine & winetools
then setup DCOM in wine
then setup ariel32 fonts in my fake wine C:/
then run —> wine Demo_renoise.exe
This installes renoise nicely in my fake wine c:/
NOTE: Installing the final 1.5.2 of renoise did not work because it could not make a backup of the Demo_install . I need to look this up a bit more but chmod -R 777 ~USER/.wine did not work

lanch Renoise demo like ==> wine ~USER/.wine/fake_c/Program_files/Renoise/Renoise.exe

Now renoise is launched on linux.

Errors&bugs :

Once renoise has started , it seems to take up 90% CPU
my best guess is that DirectX is the cause. DirectX is not available for wine but I’m not sure. Need some more investigation.

All the rest is working. Recording, loading samples etc etc …

Anyone else tried this before ?

There was one who tried that here

ah , okay !

It’s good to know it’s not renoise who is causing the CPU high %

I’ll need to pimp my linux a bit more . Maybe when I’m done and everything is working fine I’ll write a howto .

Cheers ! :yeah:

Damn, this is informative! :D

Time to install Linux indeed. Anybody here run the Acer Aspire 9502 WSMi? Just wonder what distribution works best for it.

Thinking I’m better off asking my good friend, neighbour and SUSE-geek that question. But would I get a unpartial answer…?

worth a try if its only about that:


oops… did not notice you mentioned cygwin before. sorry :D