Renoise with permut 8 or stutter edit trigger

I want to use permut 8, stutter edit in Renoise.
How can I switch the programs via keys?

Thanks in advance

Load Permut8 onto a track and set the plugin’s “MIDI Control” mode (inside the Permut8 GUI) to “Prog”.

Now create a new Renoise instrument with an FX Alias linking to that instance of Permut8.

In a new track (separate from the track with Permut8 on it, to avoid note collisions), add your sequence of notes to control the Permut8 program changes, ranging from C-4 to F-6 in standard Renoise notation.

dblue-permut8-demo.xrns (107.6 KB)


Similar stuff applies to Studder Edit, my own Glitch plugin, and various other effects that offer note-based control over the internal programs/presets/scenes/etc.


Thank you very much. I‘ll give a try in the afternoon.

Thanks for your file. I can’t open this, I think I use Renoise 3.1.1.
I don’t find the vst alias in my folder. In the plug-in drop box.
In my plug in box are just instruments.

So log into and grab the latest version Renoise 3.4.

I can see that you’re registered up to Renoise 4.4, so you definitely have access to the latest build.

This has been a standard feature of Renoise for ages, so you should have access to it.

Expand the “Instrument Properties” panel in the upper right corner and it should be available there.

I know you’re on macOS, so if you’re using AU plugins then maybe that’s part of it?

Here’s another demo I made using Renoise 3.1.1 with the Permut8 VST effect:
dblue-permut8-demo-renoise-3-1-1.xrns (462.5 KB)

If you can install the VST version of Permut8, then hopefully this should work for you.

Thank you very much, Sir!
I can’t upgrade because my MacBook is very old.

I will check this! Yes, you are right. Permut is au.

Thanks again