Renoise with Polyend Tracker

Hi. I’ve fallen in love with the Polyend Tracker, and composing with it is a breeze. I just recently got an idea, that to “expand” the tracking realm, I could do all drum sequencing with Polyend and the melodic side would be layed on Renoise, hence the vsti and wide columns to play chords with virtual synths/synths.

So, I installed (for the first time in many years) latesta Renoise installer. I have Apple Mac Mini M1, so I already knew, that there might be some issues with the *OSX 64bit INTEL installer". At first, everything looked fine. On launch of Renoise, the ReWire asked permission to open, but other than that everthing seemed just fine.

So, I hooked the Midi side of things immediately. I found polyend tracker in both, midi in and midi out from preferences. With a few clicks I was able to use Renoise as a slave to Polyend. It felt absolutely sweet!

After 30 minutes or so, the midi con between the Polyend and Renoise dissappeared. Just out of the blue. It doesn’t show on midi prefs, nada. I tried even re-install Renoise, and nothing. I swear I didnät change anything from settings neither with Tracker or Renoise. I also tested midi with Apples’ midi studio and Reaper, and midi is working just fine. So I figured it has got to be the ReWire? It seems that it doesn’t ask me to confirm “the use of ReWire” on each startup. So I guess this has something to do with ReWire?

If someone could help me out here, it would be more than sweet. In those 30 minutes when things were rolling, I was super happy with laying some drums in the Tracker and entering notes with the Tracker to Renoise tracks - and I could use sync, so that each time I press ‘play’ on Polyend Tracker, Renoise starts running. And there were 0 issues with latency, so I already saw some real potential here!



@taktik is who to contact about this :slightly_smiling_face: