Renoise with reason using midi loopback

Maybe you already tried this… but im writing it anyway.

I allways loved tracking since i got my hands on protracker 1.1b in the early 90’s. For the last few years i used propellerhead reason because i just luuved the machines.

And now i found a way to combine the two great things. I installed a midi loopback (midi yoke). Then i used Renoise midistyle B)

Sequence in Renoise. Sounds and effects in Reason.

My dream have comed true. Thank you, Renoise!

PS. Both files will have .rns-ending on my hd… doh :rolleyes:

perhaps this explains it a bit better:…9f4f7f264b8d060

??? That won`t do. Except you have got 2 computers and are trigering the second one.

Midi yoke or Hubis midi loopback device is an internal Midicable to route 2 programs together.