Renoise with the Surface Dial?

Amazon’s got surface dials 33% off right now and I’m thinking about picking one up to use with elephant to control parameters in renoise. Hopefully I’ll be able to just mouse over parameters and turn them with the dial since Renoise doesn’t support controlling sliders with the scroll wheel.

Does anyone here use a surface dial with Renoise to move sliders? Does everything work as expected?

Amazon’s surface dial sale


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I placed my order, I’ll let everyone know how it goes!

Update: Works perfect with the full version of Elephant for Dial. I highly recommend this product for any VST-heavy producers using Renoise who need to tweak a lot of knobs


Hey this is brilliant, great idea. I won’t even have to change any code or configurations hardly for in linux:

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I’m not sure how well it’d work with Linux but could be worth a shot. With the Elephant software, which is windows only, when you turn the dial over a knob it clicks and drags the mouse up or down diagonally. That site doesn’t seem to indicate a function like that so I don’t know how it’d behave on linux. Could still work but I can only vouch for the Elephant functionality with windows.