renoise won't save song if disc with *temp* folder is full

Renoise 3.1, Full version, Wxp, 32bit

i have a RAM disc which holds the windows TEMP folder. ( i use VSuite Ram Disc, free version).

it’s setted to 100mb.

After some decent work in Renoise 3.1 i could not Save the song, Renoise reported always “Disc Full”, (i tried to save to a disc with 30gb free Space, NOT to the ram disc).

Looking to the ramdisc showed: only some few Megabytes free, renoise have Filled the Ramdisc with flac files in various temp folders and locked the files as read only.

My solution:

i Unlocked and deleted the file with a special unlocker programm, then renoise could save the song to the other disc (no, i never tried to save the song to the ram disc ).

i did not found in renoise settings for : Temp folder or depth of undo levels for samples.

would be nice to have a solution for :slight_smile:

(if intrested: here is the list of unlocked and deleted files from ramdisc)