Renoise won't scan Waves plugins shell

Go to task manager on your pc or mac and delete\kill the Waves services that launches when scanning waves plugins. Or just try to delete their portal\installation agent after installing the plugins. Check the Brandmauer access limitations\settings and try to give permissions to Waves shell services that answer for the wave plugins debugging process.

So uninstall waves central aka the install portal?

I keep my music PC offline so it’s not an option to let it through the fire wall which is what Google says brandmauer means

So much software require internet access these days, that could be why… maybe you need it online at least the first time activating the plugins and running the plugins in Renoise.

Yes. Because it literally eats the processor and opens some backdoor connections for debugging reporting.
Your brandmauer could keep blocking some functions in waves central.dll, which causes the crashes “even if your pc is offline all the time”. I had the same problems with the waves plugins " which i am not using at the moment" because of the waves install portal and debugging services that start with it. They launch everytime you open your daw, but in the background, Just check your task manager and try to kill those processes first of all. If didnt work - delete the whole install manager. “Waves Central”.

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