Renoise won't scan Waves plugins shell

Perhaps it’s just taking a very long time since I just did a clean reinstall but the waves shell is scanning fine in Bitwig Studio & Metaplugin.

This is a very common problem with Waves plugins. Any renoise specific tips?

If you are not on latest Renoise version then try updating because an issue like this was fixed awhile ago

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I’m on 3.3.2, believe it’s the latest. I did another clean waves install and it now it seems to be scanning it at least partially but probably be a while before I know if it can complete.

Yeah it’s stuck again

Ok :confused: Maybe try make sure you only have one set of their DLL files in your various VST folders and also activate/register all your Waves plugins before scanning.

When that’s done remove the “CachedFailedVSTs_x64.db and CachedFailedVST3s_x64.db” in your Renoise preferences folder (In Renoise click help>Show preferences folder) and do another plugin scan.

I’ve tried this a couple times and no luck. When I tried deleting the vst2 dll shells when scanning in other DAWs instruments like bass fingers don’t appear. It isn’t working in studio one either.

Still correct in Bitwig tho.

Waves is just annoying, I’m out of ideas…
Maybe have a look in the log file for clues. Click Help>Show log file

Yeah waves is a nightmare

Thanks for the advice

You have to make sure all versions are the latest or at least the same versions,
if I understood correctly what fixed it before for other users.

I use V9, v10, v12 and v13 of their plugins but only have the x64.dll (edit: changed the number) version of the waveshells in my VST folder.

Is that for 32 bit systems?

Hope I can figure something out cuz now I can’t open Renoise.

x64 is 64bit and x86 is 32bit (i wrote it wrong earlier) but I don’t think that matter.
Try have a look at this thread

Can’t you even see the Renoise interface or does it stop at scanning plugins?

Just delete the plugin scan data C:\Users(username)\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V3.3.2 :
Or any similar files in your directory. Then restart Renoise and it will rescan all the plugins from 0 (Even the failed ones in previous scans)

Crashes while scanning plugins

I’ve done this a few times, still won’t scan

Maybe there’re some clues in the log files, did you check?

I recall posting abhout this issue a few years back… try searching the forums I think it ended up working.

I feel your pain!

Not yet I’m out of the house working a lot last couple days

I’ve looked at a couple it’s just hard to understand waves. I wish they’d just drop the shells BS and install normal .VST3 files like everybody else

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