Renoise workflow videos/screencasts

I asked about this in IRC but it didn’t seem to take off. I like to learn by watching others, I think that seeing the unique work habits can really open my eyes to using parts of software I have neglected or just ways to be more efficient. Can anyone recommend any screencasts of Renoise?

I quite like the shaypah youtube videos but would love to see more.

I’ve tried to stream renoise before, and if I can ever figure out how to route audio from my audio interface into OBS I’ll do it, but I haven’t been able to figure that out.

Have you tried camstudio? Kinda long time since i used it, but it shouldn’t be too hard to make it capture audio along with the video. :)

Edit: Warning! i just tried to install camstudio and it seems to be full of crap, installing shit apps i don’t want without my consent. :smashed:
This didn’t happen when i downloaded it years ago and i don’t know what the deal is…

I haven’t tried camstudio but I think that just records video? What I wanted to do was stream to twitch. My computer/internet can’t really handle much streaming though, if I ever got it working it would still be like 240p. Video capture record + upload to youtube probably is the better way to go but then I’d need something more structured than just “this is me making the musics in renoise” for an hour.

True. Too bad people from that day only have about enough energy left to make it through a few minutes of recording themselves and not enough to make a proper handbook or wiki!

Liked it because it’s all you knew.

if you are on windows use this:

Although I have never tried it on FPS games, it simply can’t be beat for capturing video feeds, and full screen desktop operations like when using renoise.

If you have an NVidia card, you can also use Shadowplay for screen recording directdraw apps/games nowadays.

Hi Vincent, long time bro, using ATI/AMD radeon here. Somehow burnt my 9800GT awhile back and just realized it last night, when I had to completely teardown my main PC last night. What a relief when I finally started seeing POST!

Not sure if a simple reflow could work, that 9800GT use to get really hot for some reason when playing in the unreal engine.

Maybe a contest is in order for the best screencasts of making music with renoise?
Some of the songs can get so complicated and abstract now, that simply giving someone the XRNS and thinking they’ll be able to figure it out enough to get started might not be enough.

Shadowplay is only supported on GTX 6xx series and upwards, if I’m not mistaken. So there would have been no luck with a 9800GT anyway.

@crytek: You seem to be on a Mac. Could you describe your capturing/uploading process - f.ex. What software you are using to capture videos, how do you upload, do you convert, how do i shot web.

I have a history of failing to record and/or upload to youtube. I’m a complete beginner in this field.

For the demo I did in the Beta feedback room I was using Camtasia Studio’s little brother, Snagit.

Everybody should use Camtasia or Snagit because that’s how I get money. :D

Seriously, though, they are great tools. If you aren’t planning on doing any editing, Snagit is cheaper than Screenflow. (Camtasia for Mac is the same price as Screenflow.)

+1 to workflow videos!

By now I am quite comfortable in Renoise myself (at least in 2.8) but I’d LOVE to see someone with a rapid workflow just smash away at the keyboard to basically show off the tracker zen vs mousing around pianolols.

Every so often I am in position to ‘advertise’ Renoise to other people and having just one killer vid would be enough.

Will most likely try to make one myself, although I am definitely not too fast on the keys.

When creating songs, do you insert new patterns as you go along ?
or do you do what i do, I just lay out all the tracks, get the song to it’s height. then construct it arranging the patterns from there then gradually add the effects where need be

i can’t be the only one who does this lol