Renoise Workflow With Hardware Synths, Dsp Effects, Recording Samples

Hi there

Just trying out the demo version, and there’s a few things which I can’t figure out. I’ll be really happy for your help and suggestions.

  1. Is it possible to apply Renoise DSP effects live to external hardware synths? As far as I can see it’s not possible to have audio tracks in Renoise, apart from pre-recorded samples. Do I really have to record a sample of my synth before I can apply effects?

  2. Is it possible to dedicate a MIDI in device to an instrument, or do you have to do this by sending on different channels?

  3. This is more of a general questions, as I’m interested to know how people who also use hardware synthesizers use Renoise. One way to go about things could be to make one instrument in the pattern editor, and record notes to sequence the hardware synthesizer. By playing the pattern while recording in the sample editor, one could generate a sample of the sequence, which could then be assigned to a new instrument. How do you people go about using external hardware synths?

  4. Is it possible, when recording samples, to make the pattern sequencer trigger recording star and stop? In connection with that question, how do stop the pattern editor from looping? I’d like the option of playing the pattern exactly one time.

That’s it for now, I think. Thank you :)

  1. yes you can right below with the DSP effects you see “Line-in device”
  2. Not (yet)
  3. I use them to generate sound trough midi, for mixing I record them in a sample
    4)yes, in the record box set sync start stop to ‘pattern’
    to start the loop just enter a f000 in the pattern where you want to stop the song

Wow, thanks for your questions and answers!
Recording of samples during play is really nice feature together with midi mapped rec trigger…

This should be said somewhere under What can I do live with renoise? btw.

  • midi mapped instruments slots.

  • monitor FX in Sample Recorder through another track routed to another device!!!

So I made Aggregate Device from my external sound card and built-in output on my MBP and this way I can listen input signal in headphones before recording it into instrument while the song is playing.

Thanks for the great answers. Knowing tricks like those is so important to get things going :).

Ok, one more question regarding syncing sample recording to pattern star and stop. Is it possible to sync the recording to only start or stop? Say I want to record a drum loop with a slowly decaying bass drum, and the bass drum is played on the first and last lines in the pattern. Then I don’t want the recording to stop when the pattern stops, as I’ll get pops when I loop the sample. Any ways around this? If I could make Renoise stop only by drum machine via MIDI and let the pattern run a few top longer before it terminates, this would work. But it seems like a lot of trouble for something that simple. Any ideas? Thanks!

You can let the pattern playing and hit stop anywhere you want by pressing the stop button in the record box.

Well, I wanted my drum machine to only play the loop once, but if I let the pattern sequencer run the internal sequencer in the drum machine keeps looping. However, I managed to do what I wanted to do by changing the drum machine pattern to an empty one. But thanks anyway :)