Renoise x64 on Windows 8 and problems with sliders and mouse pointer


I updated couple weeks ago to Windows 8 and immediately noticed that big horizontal sliders on Renoise ui behaves badly, when trying to use them with the mouse.
Ie. Trying to decrease main volume with mouse by clicking and dragging the volume slider. Volume jumps immediately to zero when left mouse button is pressed and mouse is slightly moved.

Every big horizontal slider on the UI behaves like this (jumps immediately to zero when pressing LMB and moving mouse). Those small sliders works like they should (ie small panning slider on track dsp field). Strangely mouse pointer also jumps quite a far away from original place where button was pressed.
Ie. sliding track volume slider on track dsp field, cursor jumps to bottom of track 1 on pattern editor.
This odd cursor jumping happens on all sliders (small, big, vertical and horizontal).

I made a clean install of Renoise without any vsts and it still behaves like explained.

Is anyone having same problems?.


I’m on Windows 8 64bit and do not experience these issues.

Can you give more details about your system, any other programs installed that might be interfering?

It’s a quite new computer

Asus Sabertooth Z77 mobo
Intel i7 3770K
16GB 1600MHz DDR3
Samsung 830 SSD 256GB

Logitech Performance MX mouse

Roland Octa-capture, Fantom G and RD700NX drivers installed

I updated from Windows 7 to Windows 8 pro. First time Windows RT apps didn’t work at all, so had to do a clean install.
I don’t have a lot of software installed yet.

Installed apps:

Reaper demo version
Renoise x64
VLC Player
Loopbe 30 trial

that’s about it.


Cakewalk Rapture
Kontakt 5 with few libraries
Stylus RMX

Heres little video of this odd behaviour.

I did some googling around and it appears that many Windows 8 users are having issues with Logitech’s SetPoint software, causing quirky behavior when scrolling in the Modern UI Apps and web browsers too. It seems Logitech hasn’t got a solution for this right now, some people have suggested that disabling ‘Smooth Scroll’ option SetPoint works, others say it makes no difference.

Have you noticed having scroll issues in any Modern UI Apps or in broswer too?

Does your mouse use SetPoint? Maybe try updating that software, or if that doesn’t work try uninstalling it.

[u]Other people with similar issue in other software:

[u]Drivers + SetPoint software for Performance MX

Nope, everything is smooth like a butter, not even a slight hiccup when using the scroll wheel. It’s just the Renoise, which has these problems and only when LMB is pressed down and mouse is moved at the same time. I just noticed that line tool on the automation tab has this odd cursor jump to pattern editor also. I’m uploading result to youtube. Using the line tool works fine until mouse catches one of those “control” points on the graph or start/end/bottom of the automation window.

I’ve tested with other mices as well, disabled, uninstalled and reinstalled mouse drivers etc and it doesn’t fix the problem. Thanks for the suggestions.

Scratching still my head :)/>.

Made a new clean install of Windows 8 pro. Changed to Microsoft Arc Mouse. Installed only one program (Renoise ;)/>) and bug still exists. What a bummer.

Third time’s the charm. Installed Windows 8 Pro third time and now Renoise seems working fine. Don’t know what was wrong but now it’s gone.

That’s very odd. Glad it is working now though!