Renoise + Zone Mobius Vst (ie: Loopers)

hi everyone, i have recently become critically dependant on looping vsts, ie) you play your real instrument into renoise into a looper vst, which loops it, and then you play another layer over it… super easy super fun…

problem is, most of them are pretty ghetto… i’ll get to my question first then i’ll list what steps i’ve done incase anyone is in the same situation / looking for a looper:

question: has anyone sucessfully used zone MOBIUS with renoise? it seems to load fine and work fine and looks amazing, but i can’t MAP the MIDI. All i want to do is use my midi keyboard to trigger the record on and off, or things like that. When I run mobius standalone, the midi works fine, but when i load it as a VST, it doesn’t “hear” my midi at all. argh?? mobius looks so good! unfortunately it doesn’t “pass” through the midi bindings/options to the renoise GUI

here is my background for people looking for a good looper vst:

first i tried Angstrolooper. Very very basic, a bit (very) ghetto, but works fine. unfortunately, there is no “record” or “save loop” in it so if you have a really dope loop, kiss it goodbye unless you had the foresight to record in renoise as a long sample and re-assemble it by hand.

next I tried Infinite Loopazoide Looper. Kickass, amazing, you can record your loops, but VERY buggy. Midi mapping works all buggy and sometimes your loop gets muddier every pass (even if the HPF is off)

finally I tried MOBIUS, which seems like the best one by far, sooo many options, very quality looking, but midi doesn’t seem to work. this is where i am at now.

thanks for your time everyone