Renoiseaholics Anonymous

My name is Matt, and I’m a Renoiseaholic. I… can’t… stop. :wacko:

This music composition stuff is crazy addicting!

Just wait until you start using the forum

Crowd response:“HI, MATT” :)

Last Matt lost 5 years to Renoise, moved on to something better eventually.

Nooo!!! I must finish this tune first!!!

Lol, that’s hilarious, love the pic! :lol:


Hi matt and welcome to Renoise Anonymous Addicts.
I can recall… it first started with Renoise and then it went worse… I got in touch with the forum…
If you look at my post-count… i can not be saved, but i can warn the rest at least…

Yowzers, yeah that’s a lot of posts. I am beginning to feel the pull. But I can stop any time I want… ;)

Well, OK, maybe not. For me the most dangerous time is just as I’m heading off to bed… ooh, looks like I forgot to close Renoise… hey, I still haven’t checked out that new sample pack, it wouldn’t hurt to just have a quick listen, let it inspire some new ideas in my sleep… hmmm, maybe these samples would be better with some chorus, filter & reverb… yeah, that could be a nice tune, better save this idea… crap! :panic: where did the last 3 hours just go?!

‘close Renoise’ what you mean?

before I talk, where is the booze?