RenoiseGPT - a tool based on ChatGPT for generating renoise tools/scripts

Hopefully coming someday soon to you… RenoiseGPT!

I’ve attached a collection of a few of the tools generated so far purely with ChatGPT. I’m looking to see if it works for real-world requests (along with doing a heck of a lot of debugging so that it can all exist in a single renoise tool), so if you’re interested in (once again) contributing to RENOISE SCIENCE, post a tool you’d like to exist and I’ll see if I can make RenoiseGPT create it!

Also, LMK if you’re interested in contributing!


I would love a tool that lists all the tracks used in a current renoise pattern in a gui box,each track having an option to ‘rotate’ by x number of lines up or down.Very similar to the ‘rotate pattern tool’


Thanks for your contribution! Could you possibly specify what you mean by “rotating” a track?

It moves all the contents of the track (notes,fx,delay pan etc) either up or down by x number of lines.Each track with its own option for rotating.Just as you see in the tool i posted,

gotcha, thanks!

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say you have a 4 track pattern,click the tool on,a gui box pops up with track 1,2,3,4. each track has an option to move either up or down by x amount of lines.(in the current pattern not for whole song).So with just one run of the tool for example,track one moves up 8 lines,track two stays still,track 3 moves down 24 lines,track four moves up 16.

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Cool idea. I’ve got a bunch of tool ideas I’ll try to post when I get some time. Probably Sunday


OK, tool ideas:

•euclidian rhythm generator that can select the number of lines across which the rhythm is generated, along with typical euclidian parameters, able to write to phrase or pattern

•midi filter tools, similar to the reason player devices, with scales, chords, stackable note interpolation of varying lengths and sizes. again, able to write to phrase or pattern

•note fill tool (similar to polyend fill tool) with probabilistic scaling, various modes/scales and rhythmic patterns available as presets, able to write to phrase or pattern

these might be a good place to start lol

not sure that all this is possible with the current API


I’ve barely experimented with it and its very clunky, but the xStream tool does have a Euclidean generator if you are dying for one now.

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I’m aware, thanks :slight_smile:
Looking for more of a dedicated, streamlined tool with improved UI

Thanks for the ideas, MrZensphere!

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What do you expect from Euclid?
Just scattering notes in the track?
Moving the generated pattern up and down, setting fx and other things for the active note?
ASC from Raul is enough for all that.
I recently abandoned one of my Euclid generators because I thought it was useless.

I know some people are against VST, but Axon2 or Strokes won’t replace it :frowning:

PS: and there are discounts on Audio Damage :slight_smile: