Renoisers On Linux: Pxu Linux Pluginsuite

These are the switches that I am using now:

HOSTCFLAGS = -w -march=native -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -mfpmath=sse,387 -fgcse-lm -fgcse-sm -fgcse-las -fgcse-after-reload -fpredictive-commoning -ftree-vectorize -fvect-cost-model -floop-optimize -fivopts -freorder-blocks-and-partition -ftracer -fbranch-target-load-optimize -fbranch-target-load-optimize2 -fbtr-bb-exclusive -fmodulo-sched -fno-branch-count-reg -ftree-loop-linear

You may want to edit the makefile if you are having problems. Just replace everything with -O2, if you are unsure about what to use.

I replaced these 4 with -O2:

cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-floop-interchange"  
cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-floop-strip-mine"  
cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-floop-block"  
cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-ftree-loop-distribution"  

after that I get this message with a “hanging” Terminal:

plugins/pxu_limiter.c:1: warning: this target does not support ‘-fsection-anchors’  
plugins/pxu_limiter.c: In function ‘connectPortToPxu’:  
plugins/pxu_limiter.c:198: warning: branch target register load optimization is not intended to be run twice  

Only limiter.o has been created that far.

Redownload, btw I am not going to have the time to packaging aswell. So forget about the PPA.

wow thanx Paradox Uncreated… going to try to compile these right now.

As soon as I figure out the .deb package basics, I will make a .deb aswell, available from my homepage.

If this package works though, I have worked it out… If anyone feels like trying it, and giving me some feedback, please do so. (for 64bit Lucid)

The package didn’t work apparently, I’ll have to look more into the AR nature of it. It’s an ar acrhive from what I understand, so I’m close anyway. Shouldn’t be to hard to do manually.

Anyway, I renamed the plugins, and relocated them to my own webspace. The old ones (with the old names) are on sourceforge still, in case you have already used them in a project, and would like to load that, without missing plugins error. Start using the new ones though.

PS: New ones also come with 32bit compilation on 64bit systems.

Hiya. Does anyone know if the developers of Renoise, have implemented PDC for LADSPA plugins?

PS: I also fixed the denormal bug in the upcoming version.

It’s up! (

Added 3x oversampling in the filter aswell. I feel I have implemented most of the wanted features now, so this is the last version for a while. Peace.

Thanks so much!
I’ll try these out tonight… can’t wait!

Sorry to ask, but will these not work on 32 bit ubuntu?

atte, they’ll work alright if you compile them -m32. at least an earlier PXU suite worked for me.

Ok, thanks, I’ll see if I can get them going, then…

Heya. I did a lowjitter (agressive low latency config) kernel also. Renoise runs at 1ms latency stable, on a 2.5ghz dual core.

Get it here.

Peace Be With You.

Great (especially if you’re running something debian based, which I’m not). Any chance of a diff so I could download a vanilla kernel an patch it with your changes?

It`s mostly the config, my change is only an edit on the HZ.

Peace Be With You.

The link to the src is now on the page, if you want to extract the .config from the .deb archives. and tweak it yourself.
Btw, updated, and performing better than ever. Excellent performance in OpenGL.

Peace Be With You.

Heya. I used Renoise again, for remixing an amiga module of mine. Thought I could update the thread. The plugins have now been developed on windows for a while, since the LADSPA standard was not tight enough, and became bothersome, all the pointervariables etc. Also there are many professional sequencers on windows, and the technology is pushed much further there ATM. Ofcourse stuff like Renoise is similar on both windows and linux, and that is good. And I have many projects on windows aswell, so I have refined the DSP by doing a lot of mastering, with them.

Currently the plugins are now welldeveloped, and available on windows on my homepage. The limiter easily goes loud now, because of clever DSP. (Better than Waves L2, for instance, and just as good as a better limiter + saturator, for instance - saturation is now done inside the limiter, but on a filtered lookahead knee, so the distortion is not fullrange, like a saturator.)

Limiter has a GUI, but it is not quite ready yet, but it should work sufficiently, for the moment. GUI work is being done, and also porting to linux, or a multios-project, will be done, God willing.

Peace Be With You,
Ove Karlsen,
Monotheist, Musician, Engineer.

Heya. I know a lot of you were enthusiastic about the PXU linux plugin suite.

I was just in the area, and dowloaded Renoise 3.0. And I can say something about that too.

We have certain laws in our system, that includes some principles against abuse of people, and pyramic schemes etc. Linux seems unfortunately to be just that. Which one notices as one gets to know the environment, and pretenses turns to many similar “op-whore” scenarios online. Totemism is also facism, and certainly there are facist attitudes in Linux. And analysing Linux, one sees old hippie myths about the outdated Unix, still preserved by similar people, who at some point were arrested in development by hallucinogens, and still put forth the same opinions. The Tanenbaum book Linus learned Unix-kernel programming from, has a mushroom on the cover. And since his covers have featured hallucinogenic commentary on Linux for years. Stallman recently made a video on youtube - “St Ignucius”.

This is like a flashback right from the 70s.

With his FSF song, showing the same arrested development:

These drugs were banned for a reason, and open source is not about freedom, neither for hackers or people in general. If you thought he “just can´t sing” it might actually be that he sounds retarded due to the drugs, rather. Do also read:

I can´t be part of this ofcourse, as a religious person. And nobody will succeed with a Stallman totem, that simply means an idol of being screwed over. That is all that is happening in the Linux scene, and with people working for free, it will always be like that.

I would encourage everyone to leave simple egotistic sentiments about open source, and join the developed world. People in the amazon, who uses hallucinogens, still shoot arrows at “holy birds” :wink:

My website has also moved, and I am working on a commercial project now, and actually also released all my music in digital download stores. If you want to check that out, see

Peace Be With You.

Hey. I was a bit upset with the lastest posts there. Stuff has happened since last time.

Mainly a requantization of related philosophy, where Available Source matters, and integration of the finegranulated internet economics we see growing.

I have also started a youtube channel:

Plugins will be released again when ready.