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(Biit) #41

Dither will be re-released again shortly on my channel for free, It is 5th order 80-bit dither, that zeroes out in silence.Part of a greater project, where I basically decide to do someting more serious in the music industry, having a bit depth, and make a musicvideo series on going from peaceculture to Islam, and the western cultural equivalent of Allah

If you like my plugins, please follow me there. Also ofcourse check my main music project out.

More plugins will follow, and some many add that “in amigalike spirit” because they still are the only one that really had an enthusiast crowd that really wanted quality. We are also trying to do that with a fair pay project, putting monotheistic culture back in. Making an alpha specification for what I called “The Racoh Computer”, for fair pay on available source.

Peace Be With You.

(Biit) #42


(Biit) #43

Did a 6chan remix of my amiga module “Analogue Synthesis” in Renoise aswell. Its quite for good that kind of retro sound (8bit samples, few chans, analog DSP)


(Biit) #44

Did a whole playlist with Bit materlal now. As Bit I was 1st place on TG92light, and 3rd place, 3 votes from on TG93. And later played raves aswell.

One Octamed multichannel MIDI track, retracked in Renoise aswell, as played on Rave Party on Konnerud Drammen Norway 94.

With my main project now on its own channel, and this channel advocates Fair Pay In Cyberspace, and suggests an O S for this. Plugins will be re-released in this spirit, probably under a Fair Pay licence.


(Kaao) #45

Had a little incident with my HD. I don´t know how much code is lost, but I think I will have to redo some.

In the mean time, the feature set for the limiter is perfected: It will be a combined softclip and limiter.

Limiter giving max program level, with a good envelope, and having a “peak through” attack type setting, that only goes to the softclip, inversing this in the program limiter output, so that softclipping is only done on peak.

This is perfect. As it may take some time to recode this, in the mean time, you may want to suggest this feature for renoise aswell, combining clip and limiting.


The tracker artist formerly known as Bit, now working on a Fair Pay OS, and doing a trance project.

(Kaao) #46

Also in the mean time, Fabfilters Compressor C-2 gets quite close, with 0.5mshold, 0.5ms attack, 0.5ms lookahead, and 15ms release, followed by a softclip. (hardknee, maxratio)


(Kaao) #47

And I think the kind of indie economy I am trying to establish may work well with FreeBSD so installing that later aswell… 90s indies mindset will come to perfection in Available Source, and probably FreeBSD or a derivative!