Renoisers on Mastodon?

You probably know why I’m asking. If you don’t, be grateful: )

I’m here: James Britt ( - Mastodon (


How does it compare to the Twitter hellscape?

No curated algorithms to offer you the “best posts”, “trending stuff”, “our agenda to follow”. You find your connections - way around the network and it feels great. Compared to twitter, well if mastodon comes near twitter in terms of users and topics, then twitter is history. Still are not there yet, but after Musk, mastodon is definitely worth to explore.

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Kinda the same. I always used the browser for Twitter, with ad blocking, so I rarely saw promoted tweets, and I have my timeline set to “Latest” so I’m only seeing people I follow. Of course I’m following far fewer people over on Mastodon, so the feed is slower.

One thing it lacks is good URL preview handling. On twitter if I posted a link to a site, it would show (usually) an image from that site and the headline/title. Not quite so on Mastodon, so I have to type (or copy/paste) more to give context for my posts.

Same for Bandcamp links. I just posted a link to my current album, but all that appears is the URL as a link (unless the full rendering is just slow).

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