Renoise'S Render Engine?

Hi all,

can someoneplease explain render behaviour in Renoise?
I don’t understand how it’s possible for renoise to create these peaks in the rendered sample…

This is due to renoise not instantly cutting previous sample, but fading it out very quickly, so during a very short period you have two samples playing together even though you are only using one track.

This is done because without this feature renoise would produce audible clicks when the sample is cut.

To keep this under control I recommend you to use a compressor.

yeah, what suva said. also, you could just use a few 05FF to make the note glide instantly to the new pitch.

Generally if there’s any kind of overlapping, just cut the note a bit earlier.

Thanks suva and visinin. Does someone know if this fading amount can be controlled or set up somewhere within Renoise? Even though it would click if its set to zero (if no fadeout like 7ff or envelopes are used), I’d still like to be in control of it.

visinin, yes 05ff will do the job in that case, thanks!

That’s exactly what I did using the Fx effect - but Renoise still fades the sample out. That’s why I’d like to control this amount by myself instead of Renoise doing it for me. Even if it clicks, i’d like to be in control of it.

This is unforutanely not possible, the fadeout time is shortest possible to avoid clicking, if you want smooth transistions, use 05 effect as suggested by visinin. Or if you want, manually edit (cut) sample to produce the wanted click.

Thanks Suva for your reply. In other editors like Cubase it’s always the ‘users’ problem to make sure it doesn’t crackle.

For example adding reverb will take care of a tail of a sound and would tame crackles or fast cut offs.

In Renoise, a reverb would cause to be even longer because renoise extends the dry sound by fading it out in first place. The reverb effect would pick the Renoises tail up and extends the overall sound.

It’s also a bit inconsistent adding a fadeout to the end and not the beginning. If the goal is to prevent clicks, I could still cut a sample from a non-zero point at the beginning and have a crackle at start.

In a way, this has impact on the ‘overall sound’ in Renoise.