Renoise's website

Hi all!

Just a little post to give a feedback not about the forum wich work perfectly, but about Renoise’s website. I went here recently and I had this feeling that it seems a bit outdated, isn’t it?

One issue is the website seems missing to be completly responsive. I think this would be better to be updated, especialy for new users who visit, but I know it some extra work or rework.


What, specifically, is meant by “outdated”?

What, specifically, is meant by “completly responsive”?

Is there some objective measurement possible here?

Imo responsive is overkill. It would be nice if images were adapted for 4k though.

I think it have some old looking compared to other DAW’s websites. I don’t say it’s bad anyway, but I have this feeling. But on this point it’s more than a personal opinion.

The responsive design is now common on most websites, it’s also considered by Google for a better referencing for years.

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The site is really some sort of boring but on the other hand, the site has the purpose to inform about renose :wink: which it does really well.

And “remaster” a site has a cost :heavy_dollar_sign: :timer_clock:
This forum do the job