Hi ,

I’m running renoise and reaper on a poor computer.
And I’m struggling.
I manage to run 6 vsti’s and about 10 reaper native effects in reaper with no problem at all
while about 6 dsp’s on a sample in renoise already make freeze’s and crackles.
what can I do to optimize renoise without losing the workflow?
PC tricks are welkome too.
I have a windows 7 computer 2, but 7 gives me the creeps so I rather stay on xp.
Xp can’t be installed on the w7 computer because of the newer hardware used on that thing.
I really would like to have renoise more workable on my xp pc since you can play everything with your pc’s keyboard. That thing never crashed on me!

not much info here.

try asio4all if you dont have an asio driver already.
you can try to change your buffer settings.
6 dsp’s on a track?! would like to know what dsp’s we are talking about.

pc tricks?! easy. ask google or check some info here:
for win7 try this one.

and a bit more data about processor/memory/hdd/sound- and graph- card would be appreciated.

Win7 gives you the creeps? That’s weird. Win7 has been so stable for me and I love it. Seriously though, as much as I respect personal choice, you oughta bite the bullet and work with your win7 machine.

If your machine is old, it’s old … however, try increasing the buffer size in your audio driver (within the Renoise prefs). Turn off pattern following. Do the standard “speed up XP” things, like using NTFS, installing service pack 3, turn off all the XP graphical bells + whistles, do a reg clean, turn off ports in the bios you don’t need, latest mobo drivers, upgrade to latest version of directX.

first of all,must i say,if you have a comp running windows 7?is it a comp that came with win 7,or have you instlled it on a old comp?

if the later is the case maybe you should go back to xp

but if your comp came with win 7 installed(and i dont have win 7)(but from what i have read,it seems stable for audio stuff too)if this is the case then follow above suggestions

my experiences are exactly the other way around. installing win7 on old, slow, tired pc’s made them run fresh again. of course, this was also due to the fact that the entire C-drive gets formatted when installing a new OS, but still, it worked great. (of course turn off some of the graphics)

seriously though, i have never understood people’s love for WinXP. for me it’s only one step above Win '98, and that is only because it does not crash that often. other than that, i felt it was a step back. plus, it’s fucking ugly. Win2k was the shit, and Win7 is the shit now. don’t fear it!

As Windows 7 has been publicly beta-tested for several years now( ;)), I jumped and made the switch and I findi it fast and rock solid. It runs well on lower spec’d machines too (a la netbooks) as experienced by rhowaldt

You can optimise XP for audio by turning off all the graphical smoltz in:

Control Panel->System->Advanced->Performance->Settings->Adjust for best performance


turn on Background Services (instructions can be found here)

But making the jump to Windows 7 is not as painful as it first might seem and I am glad I changed

Good luck!

Maybe it could be useful if u tried loading that same vsts and reaper dsp vst version(just on their site if i hav/nt got that already) to see if u use more memory then.If that is what u want to know…Its strange to compare numbers of vst/dsp only in this case, this number compared on its own says nothing… (reaper plugins use less cpu, and u can put them in renoise…so if u did’t try that yet…)

On top of the specs:Right click on "Computer"in the start menu, select Properties and click your Windows Experience Index rating.
Then post your subscores. If you have less than 3 for multiple components, you are better off downgrading to XP. I doubt even tweaking Windows 7 on this machine for maximum performance would bring any more processing comfort for Renoise.

Slowing down the frame-rate in the Renoise GUI preferences might also give you some more resources for audio-processing and perhaps raising the latency in the Renoise Audio preferences for your audio card (Or in the ASIO configuration menu of your audio-controller driver).

Bounce the tracks with effects applied or compose without effects and activate during render. Asio4all helps too.

I second (seventh) the suggestion on using the Win7 box. I agree with Bantai that the hardware is likely the issue over the OS.

Creeps aside the only problem I’ve had with my new build is finding drivers for some things, but was more of a 32/64-bit issue over the Windows 7 upgrade. As much as I dislike M.S. products at times, XP was their best OS to date (IMO humble or otherwise) and it looks like 7 may take the title.

If it’s built and running you should be fine. The only complaint I have about Win7 itself is that they changed the location, look, or name of nearly everything. It took me a month to figure out and remember where they stuck the audio controls. But then again, maybe it was the beer.

Thank you 4 your replay’s !

I’m using a HP 5101 netbook

Processor: 1.66GHz Intel Atom N280
Memory: 2GB RAM (kingston)
Storage: 7800 rpm 160GB hard drive
Optical Drive: None
Screen: 10.1 inches (1,024x600)
Graphics: Integrated Intel GMA 950
Weight: 2.6 pounds
Dimensions (HWD): 0.9x10.3x7.1 inches
Operating System: Windows XP OEM HOME

The HP 5101 is as far I can see full reconfigured by me and a computernerd friend of mine.
All bull-ishh is erased or set to not active, like automatic updates,background services etc etc.
I manage to create full songs in reaper on it ( sometimes rendering vsti’s ofcourse)
and play Mixvibes 7 dvs with vinyls with it. I do have internet on it, in case I need something
from the net.

My W7 vaio is very nice, but there is no question which Pc I would prefer between those 2.
I will keep using the W7 vaio for final mixing, but it is a heavy device and not friendly to type
on it compared to the HP.

Posting a renoise file will not add I think anything to my question about how to get more out of renoise.
I’m just suprised about the amount renoise takes from the CPU compared to reaper.

Take TS-Substance or Oatmeal Vsti’s , play the same melody in renoise and in reaper and
you will see a good difference in how these program’s handle those vsti’s CPU wise.
Also rendering to file/sample is just annoying in renoise since everything is rendered -6 db.

But indeed , I have set the frame rate to 05 and audio to 185 ms latency,the same amount reaper is set to.
I have noticed a boost.
When I opened renoise before the cpu was already 1.2%, now it is 0.5. Have to try it out how it works in full
effect to see if it is more workable now.

Could there not be a possibility to write a script to get the -6 db rendering bypassed so everything would be rendered at the same volume as original is played trough the mixer?

I don’t care about battery life ( described in a lot of netbook reviews)
The question is , do I get a performance boost using W7 ultimate on the HP?
File transfering is quicker on the hp than the vaio too for example.How would that work for the cpu.
I have tried Asio4all on the hp. The cpu raised 10 procent and renoise started to stutter gui and soundwise?

Don’t try it my friend. Intel Atom was not designed for Windows NT 6 technology.
Netbooks weren’t designed to run above XP.
Though they may come up with a mobile edition of Windows 7, but i doubt that will be W7 Ultimate.

Yeah I know, but I have to say the HP is the nicest piece I’ve ever had, so I try to push it to the limits.

I read my CPU use in renoise. I will try out the things you mentioned. Sorry for late response.